The Spiritual Counselor’s Code

I hereby promise as a spiritual counselor to follow the Counselor’s Code as it is written here. A client is a person who is receiving counseling to address areas of concern.
1. I promise not to evaluate for the client or tell him what he should think about his spiritual or mental state in or out of session.
2. I promise not to invalidate the client’s spiritual or mental state or gains in or out of session.
3. I promise to administer only standard counseling technology to a client in the standard way.
4. I promise to keep all counseling appointments once made.
5. I promise not to process a client who has not had sufficient rest and who is physically tired.
6. I promise not to process a client who is improperly fed or hungry.
7. I promise not to sympathize with a client but to be effective.
8. I promise to finish off those cycles I have begun.
9. I promise never to walk off from a client in session.
10. I promise never to get angry with a client in session.
11. I promise to run every major spiritual counseling action to its full end phenomena.
12. I promise never to run any one action beyond its end phenomena.
13. I promise to grant beingness to the client in session.
14. I promise not to mix the processes of counseling with other practices except when the client is physically ill and only medical means will serve.
15. I promise to maintain communication with the client and not to cut his communication or permit him to overrun in session.
16. I promise not to enter comments, expressions or any disturbance into a session that could distract a client from addressing his spiritual or mental state.
17. I promise to continue to give the client the process or counseling command when needed in the session.
18. I promise not to let a client run a wrongly understood command.
20. I promise to estimate the current spiritual or mental state of a client only by Standard Case Supervision data.
21. I promise never to use the secrets of a client divulged in or out of session for any purpose other than to apply the correct process for achieving spiritual gain.
24. I promise not to advocate spiritual counseling only to cure illness or only to treat the insane, knowing well it was intended for spiritual gain.
25. I promise not to permit sexual liberties or violation of anyone in my care.
26. I promise to safeguard the ethical use and practice of the counseling technology.

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