Finally, a failed purpose handling with real directions can be defined as the achievement of what one sets out to achieve.

If this woman has a failed purpose, she feels like nothing is worthwhile anymore. She will also feel like her whole purpose in living is gone.

She had this purpose to which she attached a great deal of importance and now for some reason, she suddenly realizes she will never achieve this purpose.

If she is a dedicated person driven to succeed, she will slog on but her heart will not be in the game any more. She will hide this feeling of failure under a mask of stoic determination or quiet sadness, but she will not be fun to be around anymore.

What is even more exasperating is that she may not even realize she has a failed purpose. All she may see is that she feels exhausted instead of being energized.

Ron Hubbard said this about failed purposes in 1969:

“Stops all occur because of failed purposes. Behind every stop there is a failed purpose. There is a law about this—all you have to do to restore life and action is to rekindle the failed purpose. The stops will at once blow.” [From HCO Policy Letter 14 January 1969—OT Orgs by L. Ron Hubbard]

Unfortunately, you will find no further instructions on rekindling a failed purpose and this vital action has never been researched in detail until now.

With the help of more than twenty volunteers, I have developed a failed purpose handling that can be delivered or done solo in one session. The research and the session reports can be found on the Independent Spiritual Technology Forum but I have summarized the process steps in the following article:


These are the short form instructions for failed purpose handling. Use them as a reminder in session.


1. Clear the idea of a failed purpose as a purpose that is STILL THERE but is being suppressed and is being pushed back out of sight most of the time.

2. Get the idea that spiritual entities ALSO have failed purposes and their failed purposes may be affecting your life and giving you the same hopeless feeling as if it were yours.

3. What is the failed purpose that is affecting you most right now?

4. Is it yours or a spiritual entity’s or do you share it? Take up the situation with the most charge.

5. What was the original purpose? Get the earliest version if it began before this lifetime.

6. When did you consider that it could not be achieved?

7. What was your decision?

8. How did you justify that decision?

9. What happened when you made that decision?

10. Clean up any remaining upset resulting from that decision.

11. What decision prompted the original purpose?

12. How did you justify that decision?

13. Was there any missing or false data involved in the creation of the original purpose?

14. Handle any missing or false data until relief occurs.

15. Review how this failed purpose has affected your life until you experience freedom from the purpose and the failed purpose alike. You will know when this occurs because you will want to go into action again.

The complete data on the research and the results obtained can be found at:

You will have to register to access these files.

David St Lawrence

6 thoughts on “Finally, a failed purpose handling with real directions

  1. David St Lawrence Post author

    Ben, if it was easy someone would have figured it out a long time ago.

    You can’t just encourage someone to recover from a failed purpose.
    They have to spot where they decided to abandon their purpose and how they justified that.

    That takes skilled counseling.

  2. Paula

    Hi David. Indeed “FINALLY” a failed purpose handling with real directions! Instead of just the instruction “Rekindle the failed purpose”! Which always had proven useless to me.

    What a good job you did.

    I’m so glad I decided to google ‘failed purpose scientology” and then to my surprise come upon your “real directions”! I needed this so much. For me personally it was not “hard work” as Ben wrote. But then, I skipped nr’s 2 and 4 about the spiritual entities and also in nr 5 the second sentence “Get the earliest version if it began before this lifetime.”

    I feel relieved. Thanks so much.

    BTW, the false purpose turned out to be a “good” purpose, which I had imposed upon myself when I was young. I just used pen and paper, scribbling away, one question at a time.

    P.S. Why I skipped what I skipped? Well, a few years ago I happened to find on YouTube the interview with Roger Morneau “A Trip into the Supernatural” (the full interview). There is now also a transcript of 32 pages on Pdf (which is handy because Morneau, being Canadian, speaks with a French accent). All the links in one place:

  3. Paula

    Dear David, I “did it again”: your ‘failed purpose handling with real directions’. Reason is that at this point in my life there are several area’s in which I could recognize failed purpose phenomena in the way you wrote above about the woman: “If this woman has a failed purpose, she feels like nothing is worthwhile anymore. She will also feel like her whole purpose in living is gone.”

    This time I went out, taking my printout with your questions and pen and paper with me, ordered a cappuccino and started, Before I had left the house I had felt a bit apprehensive, that It might not work this time, that the first time was beginner’s luck, and that the procedure might leave me introverted and feeling worse. But NO. This time also I found it very “user friendly” and light (I didn;t do nrs 2, 4, and 5 second sentence). At question nr 4 it split up into 4 areas of my life, with myself of course being the common denominator. At the end I got rid of a false purpose (pertaining to myself and thus to all 4 areas) and felt “in valence” and experienced clarity and relief. All in a sort of subtle way, but definitely noticable. I feel so grateful towards you, my life saver!.

  4. David St Lawrence Post author

    Hi Paula,

    Congratulations on your success using my instructions for handling a failed purpose!

    After reading the transcript of Roger Morneau’s talk, I can understand why you would want to avoid anything spiritual. He certainly has written a frightening story, almost like those I have read by ministers who want to warn us about avoiding the clutches of the devil.

    You might want to read my latest article to get a more rounded non-religious view of the spiritual world.

    David St Lawrence

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