A Technical Forum Like No Other in Existence

When I created this Workable Technology website as an online notebook where I could publish research results as they were discovered, what was missing was a place where all sorts of spiritual technologies could be presented and discussed in detail with no distracting interruptions.

That forum is IST-FORUM.com and it is up and running today and you are all invited to visit and register if you find it interesting.

IST frontpage finalIt now has 643 Posts in 404 Topics by 59 Members and it has been open since January 1st, 2014

We have created a technically oriented spiritual discussion forum like no other forum in existence today and we invite you to join us.
The discussions in this forum cover new practices and methodologies and all of the efforts made to extend and expand older spiritual technologies.

We support open communication about all spiritual practices and have provided dedicated areas for each methodology.

This is a place to ask questions and expect answers. There are no questions that cannot be asked.


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