A New Look at “Meat Body Societies”

Times square - dreamstime_xs_12168494We know that Ron Hubbard’s fear of entities affected his approach to the OT levels but we are now learning that his scornful attitude towards “meat body societies” probably affected his willingness to consider the “Genetic Entity” as anything more than a decayed thetan.

Some of you may remember reading his lecture of July 1963, “The Free Being” in which he mourns the loss of real OTs due to their being trapped by those dastardly “meat body societies”. Here is a direct quote:

“The free, ferocious being versus the meat-body society. That’s over. And the battle was lost and that free being doesn’t exist anymore.”

“And what we’re doing, actually, so you won’t be in the dark, is we’re closing out a very long cycle, of a long, losing cycle-tremendous length-of the OT. The cycle of loss, of the OT. And a being, now, had come to a point where he believed-and couldn’t do otherwise-the only safe place to be was in one of these meat-body civilizations, complete with airplanes, and that that was the more or less winning side of the ledger, and there was no real possibility of being free of that economic duress, be these two-bit games, these accelerated aberrative conditions, as they march forward. There was no going and sitting on a mountaintop quietly for a few thousand years and catching your breath. The fight had been lost, in other words. In other words, a strata and quality and character of life had been lost. That is a defeat.”

You can tell where his sympathy lies and for many years I and many others shared his view that thetans should be wild and free like Hubbard said. We all considered it a shame that those wild and free thetans would be snared and implanted to get them under control and incorporate them into meat bodies.

What Hubbard neglected to mention is that real civilizations are built by beings in bodies, not by beings going “poof” and creating shining cities full of starry-eyed inhabitants.

We have learned that Genetic Entities are actually quantities of Life Force with personalities and they bond with spiritual beings for incredibly long period of times to build civilizations with bodies and all of the accouterments of any civilization. Almost any of you who have gotten in communication with your life force partners now know much more than Ron Hubbard permitted himself to know.

The partnerships between life forces and spiritual beings may be of long duration, but there are plenty of upsets and problems from lack of communication.

We are also finding that the spiritual entities that give us problems do not seem to have life force partners. This may seem to support Hubbards statement that there are no free, ferocious beings any more as the ones we find are definitely subdued or have been implanted. Fortunately, connecting a troubled spiritual entity up with a life force partner seems to handle all sorts of problems.

It appears that civilizations have been built by spiritual beings and their life force partners, not by wild and free beings of unimaginable power. In fact if we look at these wild and free beings from the viewpoint of inside the civilization, these wild beings are like outlaws terrorizing a frontier town. They needed to be restrained and put to use if possible. Implants are a quick and semi-permanent way of imposing order on dangerous elements attacking an established society. In the absence of a spiritual rescue technology, they were the preferred solution.

Just like in current society, the lack of a real rehabilitation solution leads to incarceration or execution to protect the citizens who are trying to make civilization work.

Here is a link to the Free Being transcript: https://files.secureserver.net/0s4qlXRA0krm1z

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  1. hei88008

    Very nicely stated:

    “…Almost any of you who have gotten in communication with your life force partners now know much more than Ron Hubbard PERMITTED [emphasis added] himself to know. …”

    And I consider “running” the following concepts just amusing and uplifting:


    and of course


    This one might be hard for some in the beginning – but it goes to the core:


    Use Ruds, CDSEINR as needed and the Independant Style OT Auditing for a safe environment.

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