all anyone wantsI think I have discovered the make-break of spiritual communication and that is the amount of “caring” you demonstrate toward the beings in your space.

In Scientology, this was referred to as granting of beingness which is the action of recognizing the importance of another being and his goals. By whatever name you call it, you become more powerful when you make others feel welcome in your space and you and they experience a resurgence in your willingness to live large and prosper on all dynamics.

When I first proposed that we should welcome the assistance of the spiritual entities that surround us, some of my preclears responded quite reasonably that they could not accept the responsibility for the thousands of beings that accompanied them through life. This is not so surprising when you look at our Scientology history.

After all, the church has been showing us how to get rid of these “dangerous and unnecessary” body thetans for many many years. It requires a major change in viewpoint to regard these opposing spiritual forces as a possible resource in playing the game of life.

Well, the results are coming in from delivery of the latest version of Spiritual Rescue Technology and the clients who have grasped the concept of caring for their spiritual buddies are having the time of their lives and the communication lines with their entities are opening up more every day.

Almost every client does well during their sessions with me because we both are aligned with the purpose of rescuing a spiritual being from the incidents he is stuck in. The acid test is whether the client makes the spiritual being welcome once the session is over.

We start the rescue process because a spiritual being in distress is impinging on the clients life or body and we finish once the being is in present time and the client experiences relief. The client does not have to accept responsibility for the entity he has rescued, but his failing to do so leaves him alone after the session. In other words, he has only gained the relief that comes from a NOTs session and he has not increased his spiritual power base by one iota.

Here is an example of what occurs when the solo auditor cares for his spiritual buddies and puts them to work after rescuing them:

“I wanted to let you know how right you are when you say that you need to put your entities to work. This is so true! But I have to remember to do it on a constant basis. It is about getting “everyone” on board in alignment working in the same direction. It is so funny that you can think that you are all alone in life sort of “you against the world”, then you discover that you are an army with lots of allies and can actually conquer the world. Some of your troops are pretty able and powerful. This works together with postulates. Once you achieve harmony, at whatever level, your army can help pull those postulates off in the physical universe. Just imagine having 1000’s of guys postulating along with you to achieve your goals. Now that is a winning combination.”…

…I love getting in comm with the beings that share my space and are connected to me is some way. It is actually an enjoyable and relaxing activity. I am so happy that you opened up that “world” to me, thank you! I just realized that I am the most solvent that I have ever been in this life, financially. Sometimes you have to stop and just count your wins…”

There are more wins like this to share with you but you need to learn how caring for everyone in your space increases your abilities and opportunities.

One last thought, when you care for those in your space, you are handling sources of counter-intention that may have been slowing you down for years. Now that is worth considering!

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