Seeking Harmony

Seeking harmony may be the technique which blows the top off the Bridge for the solo auditor and for those delivering independent auditing. some time I have been seeking a more basic goal for spiritual counseling, that activity which is also called auditing by members of the Church of Scientology. I think that goal may be harmony, in all things.

Here is a definition from

harmony – n pl -nies
1. agreement in action, opinion, feeling, etc.; accord
2. order or congruity of parts to their whole or to one another
3. agreeable sounds

I am using the term based on definitions 1 and 2 and I consider harmony as describing a desirable condition of flow with almost all parts of the flow working together.

Harmony is not a static state of repose like a quiet pool of water, but more like the motion of life passing through time. There can be modulations in the flow and even minor dissonance which may serve to add a desired texture to the flow. I see harmony not as an absolute, but as an acceptable blending of pure harmony and just enough dissonance to make life interesting. Change creates dissonance so it should be managed to blend with the major theme of a life to make the resulting effect richer and more complex.

Achieving a state of harmony with ones past and with ones imperfections and with the spiritual beings sharing our lives is an entirely worthwhile endeavor. It also has the advantage of possible infinite duration. One can extend ones reach and bring harmony to a greater population of spiritual beings and a larger area of life as one feels the need, but one can also stop at any time and enjoy the harmony of that level.

This is a different goal than what is generally sought through auditing. Auditing seeks to remove painful memories and inhibitions and bring the person to a state of higher awareness and ability. Seeking enlightenment and exaltation through auditing or any spiritual activity is a worthwhile endeavor as it brings intense pleasure and an extended awareness and it transforms ones perspective on life. The expected result of perfectly done auditing is an ascension moment where ones abilities and perceptions make a sudden change for the better.

There is a cost for this however, because ascension moments are almost always followed by spiritual collapse because of technical factors which have been covered extensively elsewhere. Auditing done in the traditional manner seems to result in ascension moments followed by long periods of losses and eventual recovery.

From our current research, it would appear that seeking harmony and not the ascension itself may be a surer route to achieving ascensions that last. If you understand harmony and its value, you will continue to seek harmony when the ascension occurs, rather than putting the pedal to the metal and roaring off in a new trajectory which breaks with all that you have established.

An ascension seems to recover lost abilities and powers, which when exercised joyfully causes unintended changes in your relationships with others. Putting your attention on maintaining harmony will let you enjoy your ascension to the fullest while retaining all the harmony you have established up to that point.

If one were to grasp the idea of harmony in all its aspects, it should be easy to detect disharmony as it happens and take the necessary steps to restore the level of harmony desired. It gives a person a powerful tool for monitoring the quality of ones own life on a continuous basis.

If we use harmony as a guide in delivering auditing, we can easily tell when a process is ended. If we use harmony as a measure of agreement or everything being in good order, we have an easy way to detect difficulties that should be addressed.

For those who are auditing spiritual entities, having a clear understanding of what spiritual harmony is allows us to pinpoint disturbances in the “force”. There are times when a solo auditor no longer senses pains, masses or emotions but realizes that he is acting in a non optimum way. If he were to look for areas of disharmony in a space that is full of harmony, he might get a better view of what is going on.

Achieving harmony should not be the goal, because harmony is not a static state, as I said earlier, it is a dynamic condition like being alive. I think one should always be seeking to improve the harmony that one can perceive. Harmony can always be increased or decreased by an effort of will, so it is not a target, it is a direction.

Furthermore, as ones perceptions improve from successful auditing sessions, one can eventually see disharmony where previously all looked calm and perfect. Its like being able to see a need for additional work on a piece of art after improving your vision or putting on glasses.

This means that you can open up the top of your personal Bridge by using the concept of harmony as a detector of improvements you can create in your spiritual abilities.

I have run a few tests and the results are encouraging enough that I will be spending more time developing the concept of harmony and disharmony.

When a person is not doing well, it is easy for them to spot disharmonies in their lives or in their personal space even when they cannot identify the source. Once they spot the dissonance, it is an easy matter to identify the source whether it is something of theirs or something from another spiritual being.

I have also seen what happens when a preclear is happily blown out of his mind and starts examining his personal space for harmony and disharmony. He said his space looked and felt good which validated the way he felt, but he was able to spot two small areas of disharmony in his personal space and these involved entities struggling with each other. With no effort at all, he handled them quickly to a big win and lots of cognitions.

He also made some interesting suggestions about where he saw this going if it were widely applied.

A later session with another preclear showed how correct he was. The preclear was in excellent shape spiritually and when he was asked to look at the harmony in his space, he said it felt just fine but he could see some dissonance in the neighborhood surrounding his house. We look at the disturbance and tracked it down to some very upset spiritual entities which he then handled to a big win for all concerned.

If this pans out, it will open up the top of every ones spiritual ascension because it provides a smooth gradient for increasing responsibility for larger areas of life. One can stop at any point where one reaches a level of comfort, but as ones abilities increase there will be a natural impulse to expand ones area of influence as time goes on. By monitoring the level of harmony and keeping an eye out for disharmonies, one can make things better as one expands.

There are other benefits of using harmony to monitor ones life. If one joins a new group or forms a new relationship and disharmony increases significantly, one only has to look at the exact sources of disharmony to work out a solution.

Research is continuing and I am grateful for those who have volunteered to help me explore the potentials of this approach to spiritual activity.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Harmony

  1. Roger Boswarva

    This is a wonderfully written piece that is correct on all points.

    Harmony IS an important “metric” by which one can appreciate and measure the condition of relationships and of the game and of even life itself.

    I can only think of one point I can add to this essay by David, and that is: the notion of harmony of WHAT?

    In that vein we can observe there can be the harmony of spiritual presence itself, harmony of effort and intent, harmony of goals, and the equally important harmony of use and application of any of our spiritual powers, abilities virtues and attributes. And I say this in the context of that we can be surprised at the ways in which disharmony can arise: take for example the pursuing of a perfectly good intention but with too much power compared to the other players in the game.

    Reading this essay by David, I was caused to test his proposition. I looked about within the domain of my spiritual existence, and detected a dullness (the result of an old, long standing disharmonious relationship) at the periphery of my Being. Well now, there it was, a long lost spiritual friend who’d ended up abandoned and forgotten and from whom I’d ever since been unwittingly withdrawing from.

    Addressing the reason for the disharmony and repairing it afforded a most remarkable resurgence of power and presence for me in that area. Basically, in simple terms, the power recovered in the area has been that of the ability to Be. The ability to assume and occupy a position in space and time.


  2. David St Lawrence Post author

    I feel we have barely scratched the surface of what this “metric” can do in terms of improving the quality of our lives and the lives of others.

    We are still in the early period of discovering if there are any significant limits to what can be accomplished using this metric.

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