Spiritual Rescue Technology Explained – Part Three

This is an English language translation of an earlier work that was written in Scientologese. This version is intended for readers who have never encountered the Church of Scientology.

1-1043921_10151736889601563_1851044203_nWhen Will You Know You Are Through Auditing Spiritual Entities?

Contrary to what you may have been told, there is no end to the spiritual entities you will encounter in your life.

There is no way to get rid of your spiritual entities, although the people who have completed Scientology’s Advanced Levels have been led to believe that they are entity-free. Many of them may have attained a significant level of spiritual ability, but the observant man on the street can tell that many Advanced Scientologists display fixed ideas, have a tendency to lie, and are afraid of communicating freely with others, which is the usual sign of impingement by upset spiritual entities.

There are enlightened men of many religions who show more peace of mind than the Advanced Level Scientologists.

The real situation on spiritual entities is this:

The world is full of spiritual entities…they are everywhere.

Get used to it and prepare to take advantage of it. If you treat them as a potential resource rather than an enemy force out to get you, you will have the opportunity of a lifetime. You can multiply your spiritual power through the recruiting and organizing of innumerable spiritual entities who are actively looking to work in harmony with you.

If you have not yet spotted the presence of spiritual entities in your environment, here is an experiment that may help you to understand what the potential is.

Go out into the environment and see if you can find a spot where there is no life force.

Do this long enough until you have realization that increases your awareness.

Grass has spiritual entities. Animals, insects and trees have spiritual entities. Even the stones and the earth have spiritual entities. Look up into the sky and see what is there in terms of life forces.

This is why the Advanced levels promoted by the Church of Scientology are a futile effort and lead to self-invalidation. If you could totally cleanse a space around you by driving spiritual entities away so you could attest to “No More spiritual entities”, all you have to do is go downtown and you will come home with a complete new set of entities! If you attracted attention from others, their spiritual entities can attach themselves to you. You can pick them up from everyone who noticed you or admired you in some pleasant or unpleasant way.

You can even pick up spiritual entities from going in old buildings or from visiting strange bars. You come along all bright and shiny and an entity says to himself, ”Here’s a live one! I think I will follow him home.”
Advanced Level Scientologists pride themselves on having no more spiritual entities, and they are really distressed when their bodies get cancer, or Lyme disease, or generally look rundown and hurt all over. They have been given false data about being free from entities and this conflicts with their perceptions and often ends up killing them. They are ignoring their spiritual entities and that leads to upset spiritual entities. There is a better solution.

What Can You Do With Spiritual Entities After You Have Rescued Them

You have brought them to present time and oriented them so they know where they are, so now you ask them if they want to move on and start a new life or if they wish to hang around and work in harmony with the rest of the beings in your personal space. Many spiritual beings you rescue will have been with you for many years and they will generally want to go on working with you in some capacity. They have been trying to help even though you did not know they were there and now they will get recognition for helping.

They are generally happiest when you put them to work. They can provide remote viewpoints for gathering data. They can analyze situations and warn you when necessary. They can check out what is happening to your loved ones and your possessions on a continuing basis. They can cheer you up and make you feel safe. They can even feed you ideas when you figure out how to take advantage of their creativity.

I have not spent much time detailing their abilities, but they can be intelligent, resourceful, good at math, good at art, good at making speeches, and a host of other skills…like any other group of living beings. You just have to be willing to look and listen when they talk to you and you will generally figure out what they can do for you.

They can remember things for you like names, how to play the piano or many other instruments, how to compose music, addresses and phone numbers.

I know they can do this because I lost the ability to remember names after a NOTs session at Flag. The spiritual entities I used as a repository for that data was gone and I spent years trying to recover that ability for myself.

You can organize them or you can be smart and get them to organize themselves. One of my clients gets his spiritual entities to do counseling on each other. Another one of my clients send his spiritual entities out to heal people and they are very good at that job. One client uses his spiritual entities to do remote inspections of people and situations.

I tend to use spiritual entities to predict the future. It is simpler than it sounds. The future is created by the aggregate postulates in any given area. When you intend something to happen, it happens if you intend it and your intentions are not blocked by other intentions.

I use spiritual entities to be aware of intentions concerning me and my future actions. It is almost like sampling opinions. If my intended actions will invoke counter-intentions, I can use that information to work out an alignment of intentions so I get what I intend without initiating conflicts. Sometimes this is merely a matter of moving more slowly than I originally intended.

All who successfully employ spiritual entities to help them say that their spiritual entities provide them with a greater space to work in. They have many more attention units at their disposal.

One Final Caution

There are some prerequisites for successfully helping yourself using this Spiritual Rescue Technology.

The person wishing to take advantage of this technology needs to be in fairly good spiritual shape as this SR Technology does not replace the need for handling ones own upsets with life and ones actions that have damaged others.

It also helps if one is leading a healthy life, helping others and avoiding actions that damage others.

Handling ones own backlogs, unpaid bills, favors owed and amends for past wrongs helps the being boost his own horsepower so he is less likely to be overwhelmed by spiritual entities.

There are a number of spiritual repair actions available from other practitioners and these can be done online or in person as befits your circumstances. Check out the Independent Spiritual Technology site for information on these services and practitioners.

Failure to get your spiritual basics in will make SR Tech processes difficult and may result in spiritual upset and possible illness because you will be unprepared to deal with upset spiritual entities. If you are unsure, it is far better to consult a SR Technology practitioner before attempting to use the technology on a solo basis.

If people start casting about for spiritual entities without getting their communication difficulties, persisting problems, harmful acts and upsets with others addressed first, they will not get any benefit from this powerful new material.

On the other hand, if a person is already able to detect and communicate with spiritual entities, it is evidence that they have already achieved a state where they can use the Spiritual Rescue Technology materials.

If the person off the street wants to run spiritual entities and is able to do so comfortably, he may be ready to be a client. He still may need a short repair action to prepare him for running SR Tech processes on a solo basis, but this has usually been a short action of less than 10 hours.

A Final Note For The Reader

This is a work in progress and has been made possible because of the research and observations of clients who have used this material in its earlier forms.

If you feel that there is information that should be added or modified to make it easier to suse this material on a solo basis, please feel free to send me an email.

The purpose of this information is to open up the potential for spiritual gain and make more people cause over their spiritual entities and their lives.

I am still fine tuning this material and changing the terms to make them understandable to the widest range of readers, so you will see subsequent versions with minor changes.

The final objective is to publish all of this material and an additional set of references as an electronic book which is Kindle compatible. The target date is Christmas 2013.

Look for Spiritual Rescue Technology Explained – Part Four which will contain more examples and detailed explanations on how to handle difficulty in communicating with spiritual entities.

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