Why preclears can become anxious after receiving fantastic auditing

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-jumping-image19368911Well done auditing will transform your life by removing barriers and unwanted emotions, sensations or pains. There are times, however, when your auditing produces fantastic results and you achieve a whole new level of perception and spiritual awareness in a single session.

The preclear says things like, “Nobody ever told me it would be like this! Oh my God!! My room looks different!” and then breaks into uncontrollable laughter again and again.

The preclear may also say, “WOW! WOW!!! and then following several moments of silence, will say, “I feel like I am connected to beings all over the place!”

“My space is much bigger. Everything feels different!”

“I can see other people’s pictures…”

What has happened is that the person has let go of the agreements she made a long time ago about not being able to know and is now able to know whatever she turns her mind to. Until she invalidates herself again, she will be able to read minds and hear thoughts and be able to pick up intentions from people, from objects, and from distant places.

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-worried-business-woman-image14686391This can be overwhelming and many preclears on their way to being truly powerful spiritual beings  will experience this and shrink back into the safety of not knowing again. Others will realize that they are suddenly visible because of their increased spiritual energy and will attempt to hide themselves from view again.

The truth is that once you can perceive another’s thoughts and intentions, they can perceive yours if they are able enough.

Here you have been living your entire life safely pretending you could not read another’s thoughts and then you abruptly discover that you can see them and they can see you.

It is almost like living in houses that are so close together that you keep the window blinds closed. Opening the blinds can provide too much information about the people in the adjacent house.

When you receive fantastic auditing, you run the risk of opening the blinds on life and you have the potential to see and experience others thoughts and intentions everywhere.

If you are prepared for this and are willing to help people and make them feel important by letting them know you care for them, you will be able to experience these new abilities without being overwhelmed.

The other thing to remember is that it is very hard to look into someone else’s universe if you are busily hiding things you have done. If you have not done a thorough job of cleaning up your past bad actions, you can receive a fantastic session, have a stellar win and gain all sorts of abilities and then cave yourself in again when you realize that you have a lot of unhandled situations that you have not confronted.

The answer to all of this is to continue getting auditing and training until your wins are stable. If you stay in communication with your auditor and let him know what is happening to you between sessions, he will be able to provide you with the help you need to get more fantastic wins and achieve stable gains.

5 thoughts on “Why preclears can become anxious after receiving fantastic auditing

  1. Axiom

    This is so very true. As my awareness comes up I am so much “in” others universe and they are very much “in” mine. Distance really is becoming more and more a consideration. I also notice that one can have affinity with someone at a distance and that goes both ways. Which is getting more and more interesting as my sessions go on.

    This post is very spot on David. I have noticed some anxiety that begins to “creep in” after session and when I look at it (confront it), it seems to go away. Then some other mis-emotion starts to rear its ugly head and just spotting it dissipates it.

    One thing that I am really starting to realize in a big way, is that the OT has to do with responsibility. I would say that actually is the definition of OT, but without all the seriousness. This is the fun-est ride I have ever been on and I have learned more about myself and feel more myself in just a few sessions than I did after more than a dozen intensives in the corporate church.

    Amazing how voicing a win strengthens it. My at is off to all the “most valuable beings on the planet” who are willing to take a walk on the wild side.

  2. David St Lawrence Post author

    Dear Axiom,
    Thanks for sharing your observations.

    There is something else I should have added to the original article and that is the undeniable fact that one becomes aware of other beings elsewhere and the attention one gets is not especially friendly. It is like some other beings have noticed that we are doing something different and we need to be watched.

    This will stir up feelings of paranoia in some preclears and may cause them to go back inside their heads and stay there. I suggest that your solution of confronting their misemotion will allow you to see what is going on and come up with a solution for it. After all, communication is a universal solvent and you might well find that communicating with distant entities will raise ARC and allow you to gain information you do not have access to now.

    I must confess when this occurred to me during OT3, it felt like I was a sheep in a large flock who had suddenly decided to walk on my hind legs and had attracted the unwanted attention of some superior beings who were monitoring the flock, so to speak. No one had ever mentioned this possibility so I responded by putting up a protective screen with the intention: “Move along, Nothing to see here”.

    Subsequent auditing made it clear that handling my OT case would free me up to do pretty much what I wanted without external interference.

  3. Roger

    Wonderful posts, David and Axiom. You are correct on all points!

    One of the “things” clients need to be prepared for is the fact that, as they progress they become more “universally aware.” By this I am really referring to the point that spiritually we become more and more aware of other spiritual Beings and what they are emanating. This because the game we are involved in is one of relationships.

    This is a two-edged sword. On the one hand it dictates we had better connect ourselves with good and pro-survival types who per force enhance us; and on the other hand, one needs to learn how to handle the unwitting on-automatic emanations of the lower-toned reactive types whose emanations are part of what has brought about what we experienced as the dwindling spiral.

    Both David and Axiom gave good advice on this: one has to clean oneself up and also be fully responsible for both ourselves and all “comm-lines and connections” and what they are emanating.

    The game, at the highest levels, is one of exchanged or reciprocated “telepathically projected imagery,” or in other words spiritually emanated envisionments the composition of which is actually spiritual Life-Force formed as moods, intentions, images, concepts and such.

    This is the stuff that one needs to learn to handle and the need increases as one advances one’s case state.

    This is why it is so important to be connected to spiritually literate, well trained auditors and/or companions—for only in this way will we be co-empowered and enhanced enough to “make it all the way out.”

    David is quite correct: stay in commune with your co-processor or auditor, for only in this way can the “debris” you encounter as you advance be most easily handled.


  4. David St Lawrence Post author

    Thank you Roger. I am fortunate to have someone like you to connect to.
    Your help and advice has been most encouraging.

  5. hei88008

    Dear Elizabeth,

    “…lets skip the ”help me god” bit, because the truth has nothing to do with god.”

    And what if YOU were considered a “god” by entities who were betrayed or don’t know the whole Truth anymore, but are on your team and/or are aware of YOUR abilities/effects your are having on THEM…?

    Wouldn’t from that perspective even that “senseless, old and stupid ‘god-thing'” suddenly even make sense….? Hmm?

    Remember the KRC-triangle?
    Remember that Power of Choice is higher up the scale then Responsibility?

    Who told YOU last time, how powerful you STILL ARE are and CONTINUED TO GRANT YOU that Beingness?

    What word would best describe such a powerful Being?
    Despite being perhaps senseless in some way, as it is only a label, but just for “Christ’s sake” – what would YOU call those Beings, who were able to create (postulate) an effect in a universe that other’s were capable of perceiving and not knowing the definition of THETA, or AXIOM #1 or THE FACTORS?
    Gods? Supermen? Bodhis? Witches? Wizzards? Magician? LRH? OTs? Aunt Maggi? BIG BEING? 😉
    It’s a label. Period. But haven’t throughout the ages humans labelled them GODS?

    Aren’t we all communicating and exchanging our personal truth/experiences on a gradient scale on blogs like this, in order to familiarize ourselves again and gain greater understanding and still keep the reality level up between us? The good old ARC-Triangle and Comm Course…. 😉

    Aren’t we surprised to read comments of others, how they have similar experiences/cogs/insights? Sometimes using even nearly the same words…
    What’s about the 7th dynamic – WHO/WHAT IS IT? 🙂

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to communicate to you and let me feel better!
    Have a good time. 🙂

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