Isn’t it time you started thinking for yourself? got into Scientology because it appeared to promise you some answers to questions you had been asking all your life. In some small ways, you may have experienced phenomena that seemed like the promise was real.

However, if you look at the results you obtained over the years, you probably came to the conclusion that the so called benefits and “miracles” were only a tiny fraction of benefit in an overpowering avalanche of evaluative nonsense.

The church was valiantly trying to make a dedicated Scientologist out of you and make you an unquestioning follower of a technology that changed from month to month based on Hubbard’s ever expanding hyperbole. In the beginning you probably recognized the hyperbole and shrugged it off, but eventually you realized that the zealots of standard tech were deadly serious that you should believe every word that was said.

You eventually realized that if you were to be privy to the ultimate secrets of the Scientology OT levels, you had best shut up and act like a true believer.

That was then and this is now. You have probably been inactive as a church member for several years and you may have started reading some of these internet sites that are considered “entheta” because they paint a picture of the COS that is totally different than the official version of “how things are”.

You can get all worked up about how insane things are in the church of Scientology, but what are you doing to enhance your first and second dynamics?

Are you aware that there are a growing number of auditors who deliver sessions that handle what people really want to handle? These auditors are not delivering the cookie cutter Bridge actions that assume all pcs are alike and need standard processes. They actually ask pcs what they want and then deliver what is needed.

Do you know that many pcs want specific results? They do not want the arbitrary imposition of actions that do not make sense to them. They do not want to pay for many hours of word clearing, or doing a Purification Rundown, or a PTS Rundown when they want relief from the voices and thoughts in their heads. They do not want nonessential actions when they are being overcome with asthma or mysterious pains that come and go without warning.

There are auditors doing research these days to develop processes that produce faster results and they are delivering services in person and over the Internet.
I deliver advanced OT levels all the way down to Life Repair, but there are other auditors who have different specialties.

There are new groups of independent auditors appearing every week on Facebook. Their interests range all the way from copying the church actions exactly to those who are only interested in workability and pc gains. If you have not been in session since you escaped the cult, you might want to see what is currently available. Another place to look is on the right sidebar under Workable Technology Delivered Here.

If you ared uneasy at the prospect of thinking for yourself, you are not alone. Please read the following article for a historical perspective on the matter:

Thinking for yourself – not encouraged in the Church of Scientology

One thought on “Isn’t it time you started thinking for yourself?

  1. SamU

    Not necessarily for posting. I’ve been “thinking for myself” along the lines of LSD. I understand that LRH says its bad, but why? Why does tripping out on LSD a few times in your past exclude you from some post in the COS?

    Taking LSD for me was a fun and a very OT experience. It just helps you tap into another consciousness or valence of being that had more OT abilities than you realized that you had prior to taking the LSD. Any thoughts on the subject? Did LRH take LSD? I would bet that he has and discovered something but wouldn’t let anyone know that he made a discovery while on a drug.

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