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4.3.0-2 THETA METER annotated

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Mikhail Federov, the creator of the Theta Meter is constantly upgrading the capabilities of his line of Theta Meters. The meter software that is shown here is version and is available for download to existing owners of theta meters.

I do OT auditing up to 8 hours a a day and I need a meter that is sensitive, stable, and operates on a variety of computer systems. This software runs under Windows 7, and Windows XP. I run my meters on pcs but some people run this meter under Fusion on a Mac.

The meter itself is a small box about the size of a pack of cigarettes which is connected to a USB connector on the computer and to solo or single electrodes with standard cables.


You connect the meter to your electrodes and to the computer and click on the Theta-Meter icon on your desktop. The meter display comes to life and you are ready to audit. You have a heads-up display of needle action on a graph and on a meter dial. You can change colors and sizes of the dial and graph.

The time and session time are shown at the top of the screen and on the meter dial. Tone arm position and Session TA are shown in two places also. I find this display is easy to read even without reading glasses.

I find that the graphic display gives me more information about needle action than a dial because I have a 20 second history of all reads. When auditing a pc, I can keep my eyes on the pc without any concern about missing reads. When solo auditing, I can easily see meter reads even when reading something. I can adjust the overall size of the meter to fill my screen or to accommodate any space available. I have annotated this display to show you what various reads look like.


I use this meter when auditing over Skype and have found it to produce excellent results because as has been proven time and time again when auditor and pc are in good communication, the meter will read on what the auditors attention is on. There is no feeling of distance when auditor and pc are in good communication. Essentially they are sharing the same space when this occurs and they are aware of each others thoughts and pictures.

The internet does not carry any meter signals, it is the medium that allows auditor and pc to become close and exchange information. In an internet auditing session, the auditor and pc are only a few feet apart, actually closer than in the average auditing session where the pc is on one side of a desk and the auditor is way over there behind a meter shield and a desk.

It is very easy to see when a pc is ready for session because the auditor will see the meter displaying a floating needle. If the pc is not in session or is being driven out of session by distractions or a poor auditing comm cycle, the needle will rise and Tone Arm will eventually rise. Almost any auditor who has done his meter drills and understands the importance of session presence will be able to train himself to use an theta meter over the Internet and will be able to extend his services to pcs in remote locations. If you are able to grant beingness to a pc which is recognizing his importance, you should be able to do this in person or over a communication link.


I am a US Distributor for Theta Meters and I carry all meters and accessories. The cans which are produced by the Theta Meter organization are among the best I have ever used. They are light weight and do not chill the hands and have a superior cable and connector system. I also provide free setup for the new user so that they can customize the meter appearance and action to suit their auditing style.

The price of the theta meter is $400 and the cans are $75 whether solo or regular cans.

You can obtain a meter from me by sending me an email at or you can contact Mikhail Federov in Moscow at

The Theta Meter website is:

For more information on the Theta Meter see:


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