Something to ponder – your tone level affects your ability to audit others

Do your realize that your tone level affect your ability to audit others?

I have observed that it does, so much so that a low toned auditor will not get reads on charged areas and might as well have spent the time studying or doing TRs.

I have been audited by staff members who did not have enough sleep or food to adequately service the public individuals they were supposed to audit. Some were in a state of suppressed resentment from working long hours at no pay under continuing invalidation and abuse.

The justification for this unfortunate state of affairs is this once useful piece of data which is never inspected and duplicated:

In the chair no auditor has a case. If breath shows on a mirror held to his face he can audit.
Faint afterwards if you must but see that the pc gets to the Examiner with his F/N. Then get yourself handled.

Staff auditors operate under miserable conditions as do most staff members in the Church of Scientology. Most seem to do their best to keep their TRs in during session, but this is a work around, not a solution. Auditors operating in a state of suppressed fear or resentment cannot actually be in ARC with a PC who is doing well at the beginning of session.

LRH actually covered this in Basic Auditing Series 2R, THE TWO PARTS OF AUDITING – (From the LRH tape 2 July 64, “O/W Modernized and Reviewed”)

In order to do something for somebody, you have to have a communication line to that person.

Communication lines depend upon reality and communication and affinity. And where an individual is too demanding, the affinity tends to break down slightly.

Processing goes in two stages.

1. To get into communication with that which you are trying to process.

2. Do something for him.

There is many a pc who will go around raving about his auditor, whose auditor has not done anything for the pc. All that has happened is that a tremendous communication line has been established with the pc. And this is so novel and so strange to the pc that he then considers that something miraculous has occurred.

On the other hand, you have Flag auditing in which the auditor has his role confused with an Ethics Officer and he is sure you have withholds from the moment you walk into the auditing room. He is low-toned, out-ruds and suspicious of your success and prosperity. The sessions have nowhere to go except downhill. The auditor and examiners are so low-toned that they take your ARC Break needle as an F/N and never see your bad indicators.

This is not auditing, as many of you have already realized. Auditing takes place when the communication and verbal exchange between the pc and auditor is smooth and businesslike, when the pc feels free to speak his mind without having to worry too much about his auditor and any adverse reaction from him.

Your tone level will affect your communication with your pc whether he wears a body or whether he is an unencumbered entity.

So, how can you apply this to your sessions and solo sessions? You are an independent auditor and you have the freedom to deliver auditing with all steps of the Auditor’s Code fully in. Get your TRs in and make sure you are fully prepared to deliver an excellent session.

If you are forcing yourself to have a session, then something is wrong. Solo auditors often forget this point and try to start sessions when they are tired or have a present  time problem. If you are auditing a pc over your own out rudiments, you are not giving the pc the full benefit of the technology.

A final point:

In session you maintain ARC by knowing what is going on and not interrupting the pc’s communication, but keeping him under good positive control. You pay attention to his originations and keep him happy and progressing throughout.

If you haven’t developed this rapport and ARC with the pc, but just robotically try to make him run the process anyway, you will see all kinds of unexpected  problems arise and auditing becomes hard on you and the pc as well.

As an auditor, you know many ways to raise tone level. Apply this knowledge to yourself and watch your sessions become effortless.

One thought on “Something to ponder – your tone level affects your ability to audit others

  1. steve

    This is profoundly true. Ron had to say that stuff to put a little backbone into those rabbits. And truth be told, even downtone people have to learn to audit on their way up. So it’s true that in many cases you just have to make it go right.
    But to get amazing results, you have to be in the best condition you can be.

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