How Auditing over the Internet can change your life and your practice

Learning to audit over the Internet** might be a transition point which marks the beginning of a new era for auditors:

Once you have moved out of the 20th Century office visit mentality and start servicing clients all over the world, your practice evolves to an entirely different level.

You get over the idea of scarcity, of having to service everyone who appears interested no matter how unqualified they are. You stop having a must-have on new clients and concentrate on attracting clients you can help efficiently.

When your reach is planet wide, you look for those who need your particular skills and will appreciate the help you can provide. There are so many out there once you can audit them in the privacy of their own homes, that you will never again accept a pc who should be going to someone else for auditing.

These changes occur to your practice:

-You no longer compete for clients, because your reach is world wide!

-You can tailor your practice to service the clients you enjoy helping!

-The only barrier to what you can achieve in your practice is how many hours a day are you willing to work and how much research do you wish to do.

-Your success will be determined solely by your skill and performance, not by any church certification.

-You can charge what the market will bear and can make counseling your full time occupation.

-You are not limited by your physical condition or ability to travel because you can provide excellent support to your clients from your base of operations in your home, or on your boat, or from your RV – as long as you can maintain high speed Internet connections.

You can achieve the goals you had when you first discovered Scientology. :>)

** You do not have to audit telepathically to succeed at Internet auditing. In fact, you do not need to be meter trained to be very effective, Self Analysis lists and simple Dianetic processing will work miracles. Ethics handlings, simple recalls, processes out of the Introductory Processes and Assists book can work miracles in the right hands.

What you really need is the desire to help and a full understanding of the Auditor’s Code.

There are plenty of people who can help you get started. Join the Free Scientologist group on Facebook for more discussions about Internet auditing and find out what is right for you.

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