OT Auditing Success Story – Mitigating Serious Physical Conditions

walkerFor the past three years, I have been mitigating serious physical conditions that the CO$ auditors and C/Ses would not touch.

My original breakthrough occurred when I confirmed that some persisting physical condition was being created or held in place by entities. Successful handling seems to be connected with granting beingness to the entities involved and creating an environment where help could be accepted. This is what we now call Independent Style OT Auditing.

I received this success story from Ron Bible and want to share it because this is no longer an isolated event. I have come to expect that properly done Independent Style OT auditing will bring relief to some physical conditions that are based on spiritual distress.
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some time ago I had a session with David St Lawrence for a difficulty in my head. That was handled and what was causing it was on the high side of amazing. I had tried for about 2 weeks to find a solution and was unable to until David stepped in and within 15 minutes it was handled.
He suggested we look for something else, and here is where the magic happened. I have had back surgery, have more problems then I should. Several ruptured disc, compression fracture, broken hip that took 18 months to almost heal. Like I said too many times, around the house I use a cane, out and about I use a fancy walker with big tires, brakes, basket, and a seat just like old people use.LOL I am old. I was certain this would be my life from now on. I had done NOTs and had gotten better to a degree that amazed me. Only I still hurt most of the time.David had me take a look and found a cluster in my spine, I had not found it did not even suspect it, David saw it got me to spot it and handle it.It is gone have not used walker or cane for a week now.Suspect it will continue, pain in my spine is less then it has been in 30 years. Oh I am not going to run a marathon, yet!I have admired and like David for 33 years, this life time, now I think he is magic. He knows the tech and how to apply it to the beings he is auditing. That is a good thing Martha.Peace Love & HarmonyRon Bible CLVI Solo NOTs Completion+“Faith” healing has long been an accepted fact with many people with the additional complication that the person’s state of mind seemed to have an effect on the results. Sometimes it seems that the healer does the action and the person being healed merely has to believe.

In all cases, it is recognized that spiritual beings were involved in the problem and addressing them seemed to relieve the problem temporarily or permanently.  For example, independent healers outside the US are still sought by cancer victims every day as the US medical profession moves further and further from person to person healing and relies increasingly on machines for diagnosis and brute force solutions for cures.

Independent Style OT Auditing is merely the latest evolution in relieving spiritual distress. Instead of prayers, the parties involved locate and engage disturbed spiritual beings in high affinity discussion of purposes and possibilities of help until a resolution can be reached and the affected spiritual beings are no longer in turmoil and distress.

Once the spiritual beings are working with the person instead of against the person, life begins to move in new directions. The body is often able to begin healing itself even though the processes and discussion did not involve the body in any way.

There is growing evidence from auditing sessions that body problems are “collateral damage” from the conflicts between external entities and the spiritual being who is trying to own and run the body. Handling the conflicts appears to allow the body to heal itself through natural processes if the damage is not too great.

It has long been felt that reducing stress was a key factor in reducing illness. It appears that the influence of disturbed entities may contribute to the overall stress an individual experiences. Less stress is definitely better.

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