Supplementary Information on Entities – part 2

One of the things that continues to amaze me is the incredible range of valences that entities can assume. Essentially, an entity or a cluster of entities can “be” anything:

  • Your dead mother-in-law who lectures you on your shortcomings.
  • Emissaries of the Galactic Council who are here to advise you.
  • Spirit Guides complete with elaborate Indian headdresses
  • They can appear to you as the Voice of God or the stuff of nightmares which can leave you sick and trembling.
  • They can be hecklers, confidential advisors, coaches, or even a cheering squad.

Some feel they are helping you in some way and they can even offer advice or warnings. Some feel they are running the body or part of it and are rather surprised to find out that they are not in charge.

If you grant them beingness when you are communicating with them, you will usually find that it is relatively easy to bring them up to present time. At this point many will blow or leave the area for good while some will stick around to work with you.

This is really up to you. Some entities are able to carry messages for you and make remote inspections, while other are more useful as clerks who help you remember appointments. You have to decide for yourself whether you work best alone or with a team of assistants.

On the other hand, if you have been trained to be obedient to higher authority, you are easy prey for the more mischevious entities you will encounter. They will assume the appearance of higher order beings or even God and will attempt to advise and control you.

Scientologists have been trained to be obedient and some will encounter entities who are being L Ron Hubbard complete with resonant voice and commanding presence.

You are free to worship whoever you choose, but the goal of auditing is to make you more independent, not more subservient, so if you are depending on others to show you what to be, do and have, you are choosing to be other-determined and the road to becoming yourself and recovering all of your power will go nowhere.

If you can spot entities and know when they are active, you stand a better chance of running your own life and achieving your goals. You should feel free to chat with them and if you can bring them up to present time, you will have helped them a great deal.

As you become more aware, your perception of entities increases and you can see them at work all around you. Your pets, your plants, your neighbors and friends all have their own clouds of entities but you do not need to go all missionary on them and try to tidy things up. Help those who want help and will appreciate it.

For a more thorough explanation of what I have written, download a copy of “Generic NOTs” and read the section that begins like this:

A bt or cluster can go into the valence of just about anything conceivable. This can be objects that vary in size from molecules to planets. They can believe they are bodies or parts of bodies such as arms, legs and brains.
In early track incidents, thetans were persuaded to become the parts that compose the body and assume the forms thereof. They can feel that they are necessary to the existence of the body and want to be helpful sometimes feeling that the body could not exist without them which is not the case. They in fact hold one back. Often they stick to a perimeter a few feet out from the body. They can actually be part of one another’s
pictures and get quite a complex scenery built up. They can go into the beingness of other life forms.

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