Supplementary Information on Entities – part 1 extended

As some of you know, in the early 1950s, Ron Hubbard was freely discussing entities and what we now know as OT phenomena. Subsequently, high walls of confidentiality were raised so that only the true believers and those properly anointed could access this data.

There are all sorts of reasons why this was done: to avoid ridicule by unbelievers and scoffers; to avoid repercussions if the information was used unwisely, to ensure that access to this secret “upper level”  data could only be obtained by paying an authorized organization for auditing and training.

Actually, this “secret data” about entities and spirits of all kinds has been known for thousands of years and is part of the religious lore of ancient and modern religions. Exorcism in one form or other has been practiced for a very long time. Prayers to spirit guides is a part of many modern belief systems.

The belief in harmful and beneficial spirits is widespread today in all walks of life. Many people spend their lives being haunted by hostile spirits while others guide their lives through the help they receive from entities which they call spirit guides.

I prefer to use entity instead of spirit, thetan, body thetan, or any of the other terms which have been used to describe a life unit.

I feel that Ron Hubbard made a significant contribution to mankind’s progress by applying an analytical approach to learning the capabilities of these spiritual beings.

I feel the church made a wrong turn when entities were wilfully ignored in regular auditing.

Every process run in the presence of active entities can cause Out list and Out Int phenomena when the entities are not recognized and handled. Security checks and confessionals can also restimulate entities and this is not handled by  getting the pc to get off his or her overts.

I feel that every pc who wants to know about entities should have access to the true data in a form that is readily assimilated.

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Now that you have decided to look further, you should take pains to read on with a questioning mind. This material is not something to believe, but is something to think with and see if it answers some of the questions you have always had. If this data resonates with you, use it. If it exceeds your reality, put it away until you encounter questions that this applies to.

Let’s start with the most basic point of all:

You are an entity whose best hope is to help the other entities you interact with.

You have mutual interests with all other entities that you will discover in auditing. When you audit your self or receive auditing from others, you hope to increase your capabilities or to handle spiritual and physical problems. At some point along the way, you will discover that the state of the entities surrounding you can affect your life as much as your own spiritual state.

Learning to communicate with and understand entities will create more desirable changes in your life and abilities than you can imagine. The more you know about entities, the easier this will become

The current practice of ignoring a preclear’s entities because poorly trained auditors haven’t a clue  is causing more hell than anyone is prepared to recognize. I help pcs deal with this every day.

I want to provide access to some of the early work by LRH and others which is not available elsewhere and which may explain some of the phenomena you have encountered and no one would explain it to you..

Here are two LRH References to get you started:

LRH tape lecture 7 April 1959 Universes

“Let’s start in where we should start-which is a thetan. Anything that is alive either has or shares a thetan. When I say “shares” I’m thinking of these vast ant armies and things like that. And every once in a while, why, you’ll look into this-you’ll puzzle over this one too-is this vast bunch of ants being run by one thetan or does each ant have a thetan or what’s this all about? And there are a series of experiments that you can actually conduct that lead you in the direction of making up your own mind concerning it.

One of them is take an ant as he scurries along and make him turn around by putting a match or something in front of him and you keep turning him around and annoying him and annoying him. After a while, you become aware that something, someplace is getting angry. It’s quite-it’s quite odd.

Now to decide does each blade of grass and each cell have a thetan or is it a thetan, you’d have to also have a total awareness of how capable something might be in creating. Now, can you create something that is apparently alive? Well, I am afraid you can. So we can’t make a definite statement and say that everything that is alive is inhabited by a thetan. See, we can’t say that.”

“Now, whether every cell there is, is a thetan, whether every ant there is, is a thetan, that’s something- well, first place, we don’t have to know it. In the second place, you yourself poking around can get into your own trouble solving this one. Okay?”

“One – are you one person or are you part of a big thetan?”

“The truth of the matter-which I’m not going to thrust down your throat-is, apparently, that you are you. And I won’t say that’s all you are, but that is definitely indicated by all the facts.”

LRH tape lecture 20 October 1954 The Parts of Man Overt Acts and Motivators

“Now, this mustn’t be confused with another function of the thetan, another action, another ability. He can actually create another thetan, just like that, bang! He can duplicate himself. That is to say, he can  give birth to or create or bring into being an entirely different life unit – an entirely new, different life unit-which in its turn can have a full personality, which can have full determinism, which can do everything and anything that he himself can do and can be as powerful as himself, or more powerful than himself, according to its endowment.

If he created something with this intention, “This is now more powerful than myself,” he then would have to observe its actions and activities, independently undertaken, and then have to modify and cut down his own so as to always have less power than he had granted.”

“Basically, the thetan can simply create, without any system, another living being. Now, there’s an important thing. This is an ability of the thetan. But it is not a part of the thetan.”

“In Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science I talk about the possibility of setting the mind alongside of the body. This was many times misinterpreted, most markedly in a process-a very bad and harmful process-called “E-Therapy.”

It had its genus, according to its originator, in Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science, wherein it says the great god Throgmagog is set up alongside of a fellow to advise him and give him good advice, and so forth.

A person is totally capable of doing this. A man can get himself thoroughly haunted by living beings -living, breathing beings – simply because he can duplicate himself. This is not machinery, and it is not part of the thetan, by definition. But it is the thetan moving outward through the second dynamic of creation into a third dynamic of becoming a group.

Now, at any time he can then pull off from this group which he himself has created and leave the group living, breathing and acting. And his own absence does not detract any knowingness from him. Nor would it pull anything back from the group.”

“Now, let’s look that over when we get up to that, and we discover this individual would have endowed, to make other chess players … You know, when you make a chess player you have to endow him with full intelligence and self-determinism, otherwise you can’t play chess with him. You discover that he, therefore, would not have remained a superior being by the simple act of creating all these other thetans to do this activity. It would have had no connotation of superiority to have done this, since any one of those beings he created could, in its turn, do the same thing.”

“You would have, let us say, a hundred million souls on earth during one period of its ability to advance, and at another period you would have a couple of billion. Well, how could they possibly disappear? Do they ever become less? Do they just always become more and more and more and more and more? No.

An individual could repostulate himself back into his original creative entity – you know, he could just say “I am no longer myself…” Nobody else would influence him to do this, you see. He’d say, “I am no longer this unit. I am now another unit which created me in the first place.” You see how he could do that?

Because there is no such thing as time. So, therefore, it must go on continuously and continually as a created existence.

In other words, this thetan could have made five thetans, played a football game, decided which one was the winner, and then have become the winner. And each one of the five playing could have then become just the winner, and they would not have lost either their identity or anything else.

The only thing they could possibly lose, and they’d have to shut that off for themselves, would be their knowingness that they had done it. But to have done it at all requires that they would have had to have shut off their knowingness of doing it.

You recover an individual’s knowingness, one of the first things you would recover is the fact that he has occasionally multiplied himself.”

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