Testing New Meter Electrodes

I have been looking for better electrodes for use in auditing with an e-meter for some time. The COS cans have been improved over the years but I feel they are expensive and they have been difficult to use on pcs with certain skin conditions.

Because the COS cans are made of fairly heavy metal, they also chill the hands in cold weather. Getting around this problem usually requires can heaters of some sort.

While I was getting Cardio therapy after my heart operation, I spent several months wearing stick-on EKG pads during my exercise periods and I felt there must be a commercial equivalent that I could adapt for use with a meter.

I found some reusable Electrotherapy Electrodes that are used with TENS muscle stimulators. They are hypo allergenic, latex-free, and they come in various shapes and sizes. I tried them on my arms at first, but they seemed to work best as fingertip electrodes as shown in the following illustration.

When applied to the back of your fingers, the pads flex and do not confine you in any way. I was shooting pictures using both hands and the meter did not show any disturbance from the movement of my hands.

For people who have tight rings or arthritic hands, these stick-on pads take all of the concern out of generating false reads.

The pads cone in several different conductivities, so if you are concerned about the Tone Arm level, you can choose the more conductive pads.

These pads have miniature connectors and you can purchase a cable that mates with these connectors for about $6. It is a simple matter to cut off the plug on the other end and substitute a phone plug as shown in the attached image.

The meter in the image is a pc-based Theta Meter available from the manufacturer in Moscow or from me as I am one of the US distributors for this meter. If you look at the graph, you can see the noise free tracking of needle movement. You may resize the graph or the needle dial to suit your needs. For more information about this new Theta Meter visit: http://eng.theta-meter.com/home.html

You can see the Theta meter hardware in the image below. It is about the size of a pack of cigarettes.

For those who prefer solo cans, I recommend the cans produced by Hank Levin of Clarity meter. You can read about his Virtual Clarity Meter and accessories at http://clearingtech.net

His solo cans are compact and light weight and have both connections on one end of the can assembly. It makes them very convenient to use. I generally suggest that my pcs use solo cans when I am auditing them because they are more convenient to hold and it leaves the other hand free to handle documents or anything else when needed.

Here is a trace produced on the Theta Meter when I was holding the cans in one hand and shooting pictures with the other hand. You will notice that the trace was smooth.

For those who would like more information on the Electrotherapy Pads,  here is a shot of the label.


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