A suggestion for staying uptone and on top of your game

(Originally posted by OldAuditor on August 3, 2010)

This is something that applies to field practitioners as well as public at large. You need to stay at the top of your game at all times if you are going to be able to give help freely to all who are willing to provide exchange for it.

Spend as little time as possible with those who would tell you what not to read and what not to think.

I was reading a number of Independent Scientology and anti-Scientology blogs recently and my tone level varied all over the place while reading the blogs and was often lower at the end than when I began reading.

It was not so much the relating of abuses that brought me down, but the efforts by some writers to control my attitude toward what was being said or being reported.

Straight reporting of situations in the Church of Scientology provides essential data for making decisions about future contacts with those who would be likely to need help recovering from their church experiences. I feel that it is necessary to know the truth about matters such as Heber’s imprisonment, the false statistics showing expansion where there is none, and all the true events of Scientology history. Once the truth is known, it becomes data we can think with and use.

On the other hand, efforts by well-meaning individuals to control how we should feel about these matters really is a downer. Efforts to steer us away from any discussion of LRH except in the most respectful tones smacks of the years of cover-up that Int Managements has been running. Efforts to quote KSW in order to influence our thinking are a complete denial of the critical role played by this document in creating a cult atmosphere in the church of Scientology.

Sunlight is a great disinfectant and open discussion will erase Third Dynamic engrams. Enlightened scrutiny of every Scientology Bulletin and Policy will go a long way toward blowing the charge that has built up over the years from wrong indications and unjust actions.

There is no reason not to take issue with someone else’s proposed ideas or to support those ideas which are unpopular, as long as your challenging or support comes from your own experience. It is the effort to stop inquiry or discussion that is destructive to the ARC of the group. There are topics that a group will decide are off limits and enforcing those bans is an exercise in judgment.

Telling group members that they may not hold certain opinions or discuss these matters on their own is the first step toward mind control and we have seen what that has done for the Church of Scientology.

This blog, for instance, is my effort to contribute to the reformation of the Church of Scientology and to improving the workability of the technology assembled by Ron Hubbard. To that end I am continually asking questions and reporting my observations on all aspects of church history, the real sources of the technology, all aspects of Ron Hubbard’s life and his personal application of the technology. My goal is to help create a stable future for the development of workable technology and a network for the delivery of that technology.

I have no interest at all in persuading my readers to move in lock step formation to accomplish the above. I am happy that you provide comments and suggestions. Your beliefs and spiritual practices are your own and I respect them. I am always open to new ideas that will expand the offerings available for spiritual enlightenment. I do not think we have all the answers yet because I have seen results from other spiritual practices that have not been duplicated in Scientology.

The true test is not whether someone can do a particular miraculous thing, it is whether she or he can explain it so clearly that others can learn how to do it also.

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