If You Need To Locate A Troublesome Spirit – Look For The Emotion The Spirit Puts Out

From my recent research, I have discovered that it is easier to sort out a troublesome area by looking for the emotion that is generated rather than trying to identify the spirit creating the trouble.

Lets say you are having a pleasant conversation with someone and they start whining about some injustice that is being inflicted on them. Do you realize that another spirit has taken over and is now directing the conversation toward sharing the injustice he perceives?

If this is a social conversation, you can suck it up and let them ramble on or you can change the subject to a more positive subject. If you change the subject every time the whining starts, you will find that the person will find other people to complain to and will not talk to you about injustices.

If the person is a client who is actually asking for assistance, you can let them get fully in to whining mode and ask where the upset is coming from. Their tone level will immediately change and they will shift into mild or strong interest as they begin to describe what they are perceiving.

Once you have located and identified the spirit you need to communicate with, you need to validate them as being someone worthwhile who has something to say. I have found that being willing to assume their viewpoint and treating them as equals has produced the best results.

This is caring communication. Everything you say or ask must directed to gently increasing their awareness of who they are and what has brought them to this point.

I have also found that when asking a question, it is important to wait as long as necessary for the spirit to respond. Sometimes this involves letting the person who is channeling the spirit wrestle with unfamiliar concepts. It is a huge temptation when you can perceive what the spirit is thinking about to ask another question, but letting the spirit proceed at his own pace actually brings him to the point where he has a realization in less time.

As your perceptions become more acute, you will find that you pick up what the spirit is thinking before the person channeling the thought has time to respond. Until you develop the ability for full on telepathic communication with the spirit, it is absolutely necessary to keep the person channeling the spirit side of the communication in the loop.

In summary then, look for downward shifts in emotion as the indicator of spiritual influence on a person. Following these up invariably leads to detection and handling of the troubled spirit. You will occasionally have a spirit originate a comment that leads to a resolution of his difficulty, but paying attention to the emotion being projected will generally be a more reliable indicator of spiritual activity.

The emotion being projected is a more reliable indicator than what is being said.

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