An Acceptable SRT Goal – Make People Happier by Giving Them More Control over Their Lives

21st Century SweatshopIt may seem like it is really late in the game to discover what the important goals of Spiritual Rescue Technology are, but that is the way SRT discoveries work.

SRT has been a voyage of discovery from the very first days when I realized that some spirits were actually trying to help us.

My personal goal for the last 60 odd years was to find out how to make people happier. I discovered a lot of dead ends along the way because I was not including giving them more control over their lives in this search for happiness.

When I discovered the basic factors that led to Spiritual Rescue Technology, I realized that pursuing this spiritual line of research would give anyone more control over every aspect of their lives. Every bit of research led to more understanding of the spiritual realm and unfolded more aspects of our relationships with spirits and life itself.

The pursuit of knowledge and the resulting control over life became the goal that I promoted because that was an activity that made me happy. Fortunately, there are enough of you with the same interest that I was able to assemble a group to study these discoveries and use them.

Now that we have an abundance of riches in terms of incredibly powerful processes, I have come to the belated realization that the vast majority of people in the real world could care less about processes and spirits. They want to be happy and they want more control over their lives.

That is what SRT should be promoting to the world, “Become happier by gaining more control over your life”

Our goal should be showing people how to be happier by putting them in control of the influences of the spirit world.

As a first step, we have to show them that the spirit world is influencing them every day.

The next steps will show them that they can directly change the way the spirit world influences them so they have certainty that they can gain control of their lives in one area of life after another.

At each step, they must be able to see that more control makes them happier about that area of life.

The prime goal is to increase happiness by achieving certainty of gaining control, thus discovery for its own sake is subordinate to increasing the person’s ability to enjoy life and have fun.

This means that there will be discoveries which should not be broadly disseminated until it can be shown how these discoveries lead to greater happiness for those who are exposed to them.

The bottom line is that SRT counselors should be promoting increased happiness through better understanding and control of one’s spiritual connections.

To put it plainly, “You are not going to be happy unless the spirits around you are happy! With SRT, you can be surrounded by happy and cooperative spirits!”

David St Lawrence

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