You cannot be safely processed by lower level practitioners after receiving Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) counseling.

When you receive SRT counseling, you are working with spiritual beings (entities) and increasing their awareness so you cannot be safely processed later by practitioners who do not understand these beings.

Non-SRT practitioners will not know how to handle your spiritual entities and these entities can get very upset as a result of being mishandled.

When you receive SRT counseling, you will be handling spiritual beings in every session. Your entities get to know what is happening and expect to get properly addressed in session and treated as real persons. SRT processing increases your awareness and the awareness of the beings surrounding you.

Lower level practitioners use processes that not only ignore beings, these processes can stir up many beings without the practitioner realizing it. Repetitive processes, which are frequently used in lower level processing, can easily upset more entities than they will handle.

In SRT, we handle one spiritual being or cluster at a time. We only deal with additional beings if they are discovered in process of handling the first being encountered.

We recognize entities as they appear and we treat them with respect and they respond appropriately.

Once you have received SRT counseling which handle entities this way, you cannot safely work with a practitioner who is not trained to handle spiritual beings.

These lower level practitioners tend to treat entity responses as though they were coming from the client and this upsets both the client and the entities.

If this happens to someone, we can set the matter right in a few sessions using SRT processing. It cannot be handled by a lower level practitioner.

The best practice is to recognize that SRT is very powerful processing and that later attempts to get lower level processing by non-SRT practitioners can be risky.

SRT counselors can run all sorts of processes with ease, because they are trained to recognize when responses come from entities rather than the client himself.

David St Lawrence

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