No Longer in Doubt – Old Auditor Goes Public

(Originally published by OldAuditor on February 21, 2010)

There are more Scientologists going public every day about the abuses they have observed in the Church of Scientology. Some are public, some are staff, and some are Sea Org. Every person who speaks up gives the lie to the claims made by the current church management.

The vital statistics of Scientology auditors made and auditing completions are down and have been down for many years. The only statistic that is rising is empty buildings built as a facade to hide a dying church.

Many public and staff have recognized the lies, but few have had the courage to speak up. The few who have gone public have inspired a growing movement for reformation of scientology technology as in making it available to all who would use it regardless of what the existing church organization attempts to do.

For every Scientologist who has spoke up publicly there are hundreds more who have ventured to comment anonymously on the sites I read daily.  I have remained among this number until today.

Most of us are hung up at Step 6 of the Doubt Formula. We say we are not in Doubt anymore, but we hesitate to announce our disconnection from those who have turned our church into the most oppressive cult in years.

There are tens of thousands more who are not even able to bring themselves to comment on the Internet or to discuss their feelings with close friends or family members. Most of these are not able to admit they are in Doubt for fear that it will come up in session and affect their “eligibility” for further services.

All of the people who are afraid to speak up are PTS and are unable to handle or disconnect. Wow! Were we not trained intensively that being PTS is worse than being terminally stupid? Well, our continuous hang up at Doubt is one sign we are connected to a suppressive and it has paralyzed our ability to think for ourselves.

Perhaps the new church of Miscavige  expects  us to be PTS so that we will meekly follow orders that are counter survival. It certainly has worked on the Int Management people. How long before staff and public voluntarily rout themselves into RPF type projects to show fealty to Dear Leader?

Being PTS means losing your gains, making big mistakes, getting ill and dying. It seems that a lot of that is going around right now within the church of Scientology. Too many OTs are dying of cancer, while others are committing suicide. Some are committing murder, which is not a desirable stat for a church.

Meanwhile, families are sending their members off to Flag for more auditing in the fond hope that they will get gains from the GAT style auditing and heavy sec checks that are currently in vogue at Flag and elsewhere.  Happy thetans going meekly into the meat grinder! What results would you expect for auditing done in a suppressive environment?

I have spoken to my friends who are still on lines and have urged them to read my website and find out what is going on so that they can protect themselves from the suppression in their environment. What I have failed to do is to set a good example by speaking out publicly under my own name.

I have not been in doubt about the church for at least 15 years. I just have failed to complete the Doubt Formula by announcing the fact publicly to all concerned.

I am overdue in this regard because I had already notified various Flag and FSSO personnel that I was quite happy with the services I received years ago but the actions of top management have altered the Church beyond recognition and I saw nothing that would warrant spending more time getting services.

This website and contain my observations about the Church of Scientology and its Founder.  I have been as clear as possible about what I have found and what it means. I now need to sign my name to it so all will know what I stand for and what I am supporting in the way of a possible future course of action.

I feel that there is some value in the technology that can be salvaged, but I see little that can be salvaged of the church itself. There are too many lies embodied in the organizational structure and in the purposes which it purports to achieve.

I am dedicated to helping those outside the church who are rekindling failed purposes and hope to contribute to the growth and stability of independent scientology and related subjects.

If there is anything I can do to help someone leave or recover from the suppressive environment of the Church of Scientology, send me an email at

I am truly out and will do what I can to help others get out.

David St Lawrence
Grad V, OT VII
aka: Old Auditor

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