Incorrect names can cause havoc – Body Thetans are not what you have been told you are a staunch Ex Scientologist Message Board member, read no further at the risk of severe cognitive dissonance. You have been warned.

You may have been indoctrinated into the idea that “body thetans” are degraded beings that permeate your body and make life miserable for you. This can easily be proven to be false. They are the same kind of spiritual being as you are, except they are no longer able to run a body.

Spiritual beings exist in many different states of awareness. Some of us are up to running bodies and others have sworn off the practice and are content to tag along as a passenger while someone else runs the body.

The beings who choose to be spiritual passengers can be located anywhere around the body or inside it as they choose. Some are free to come and go while others consider themselves to be part of the body. Some of these beings communicate freely with you and consider themselves to be your spirit guides. Other beings seem to be hiding out and are surprised to be discovered in sessions.

You will experience their feelings and will think these feelings and thoughts are your own. This is the source of much of man’s troubles.

If you actually think that you are different than the rest of the spiritual beings surrounding you, you will have a difficult time handling those thoughts that run amok and cause you to do stupid things.

The spiritual beings accompanying you through life come from many different sources.  Some joined with you at birth, others in past lives and you probably picked up others at the last hospital you visited. You also may have dead relatives tagging along to watch over you or to haunt you depending on your relationship with them.

Of course, if you believe Hubbard’s myth about body thetans, you will never be able to talk to your departed loved ones because how can Grandma be a body thetan?  Eeeuw!

Just pull on your adult britches and face the fact that all of us spiritual beings are in the same boat. We are all immortal and we generally run a body until it dies and then get a new one. Occasionally we decide not to pick up a body and spend time as a spirit observing other people running their bodies. Some of us get really banged up because of mistakes we made and we assume a catatonic state where we are only aroused when someone does something to wake us up. These were the beings Hubbard called body thetans and he seemed to assume that these were all he needed to identify.

Fortunately, there are many spiritual beings who are much more lively and many of them are trying to help us on an everyday basis. You can learn about them and how to work with them by reading my books or visiting my various websites.

If you read my first book, “Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology” and are sufficiently curious to see who is accompanying you through life, I will be happy to give you a free introductory SRT session so you can see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

After that, you can decide to contact any spiritual being you wish, including any departed relatives you still have attention on. The possibilities are infinite, as you will soon discover.

David St Lawrence

6 thoughts on “Incorrect names can cause havoc – Body Thetans are not what you have been told

  1. Roger Martin

    Dear David
    Once I participated to a conference call regarding pearl harbour, it was a nice experience for me, but my spoken english was not good enough to fully participate with people present at that time.
    I am on solo NOTs, and I have wins with it. And I never consider the Bts as degraded beings. My consideration is that I audit them to release them and being able to live their own life.
    What you wrote has also opened my mind about spirits. I now also use SRT tech in my way. Since I know to audit people on NOTs I feel I am able to help people auditing their own entities, and it works.
    But I think we have to keep scientology as a good tech, (altered in the church right now unfortunately).
    Because we have to learn the tech of Ron to learn the basics of life, ethics, tech which allows each being on Earth to be at cause with the KRC triangle. Furthermore each being has to rehabilitate his own abilities through grades. We cannot say that all our inabilities come from entities. Our own past postulates, our own past overts made us smaller and losing our abilities. So I think your tech is good, but scientology tech too. And they should work hand in hand.
    Best regards

  2. Kathy

    I’ve had many sessions using Spiritual Rescue Technology in the past two years and it has changed my life for the better! And I am finally getting to do what I wanted to do for over 40 years in the Church – I’m helping others as an “auditor”. In Spiritual Rescue Technology we call ourselves “counselors”. It is such a delight to be able to help my clients. Together we locate and free the beings who are ruining the lives of my clients. These beings are stuck in traumatic incidents and, with caring communication, we get them to unravel the incident and come up tone. At that point, they are free to move on or stay with the client to act as part of their spiritual team. Everyone wins!!! If you want wins like this, contact David and get started now!!!

  3. David St Lawrence Post author

    Roger, we do not assign all of our problems to entities because that would mean we had no responsibility for our current conditions in life.

    It is an observable fact of existence that when we do serious harm to somebody and they feel that it was done unfairly, they will often haunt us forever after and their counter-intention can ruin our lives. The entities who bother us the most are the spirits of those we killed in a brutal and unfair manner. It does not take too many SRT sessions to realize this and it changes our attitude toward others.

  4. Tara

    Hi Mr. St. Lawrence. I haven’t read your materials. I have my own understanding of “spiritual beings without bodies” that I’m very comfortable with. I’m especially happy with a few benevolent spirits from another realm that I’m in touch with.
    I have a question about “After that, you can decide to contact any spiritual being you wish, including any departed relatives you still have attention on.” If that spiritual being has moved on to “become” another body and has assumed that identity completely, how would I contact them within THEIR awareness (and not just a mock up from MY awareness/viewpoint)?

  5. David St Lawrence Post author

    Tara, that is a perceptive question!

    We have found that it is very difficult to communicate with a being who has assumed a new identity and a body to go along with that.

    On the other hand, if they are just supervising someone with a body, they can be accessed with ease. They are still in spirit form and not clad in flesh, so to speak. Being in a body and running the body and interacting with other bodies is a full time job, especially for a being who is not trained to operate spiritually while in a body.

    If you still have some attention on the departed person, there is a good chance that you will be able to contact them because they have attention on you. If their sudden departure left you with unfinished communication, they will be still thinking of you.

  6. Tara

    Thank you, David. That is what I thought, but wondered if there was something I didn’t know about here. I’m always open to learning new things. 🙂

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