Do You Have a Fear of Heights?

extreme-heights-xxIf you Google “fear of heights”, you will get about 385,000 results. Does that sound like a fairly common fear? With that kind of popularity, it is probably real to a great many people.
How would you like to lessen or eliminate your fear of heights in one or two sessions of Spiritual Rescue Technology?
Does that sound unbelievable? Unreal? Too good to be true?
Since we handle fears every day in SRT sessions, I decided to swap SRT sessions with my associate Kathy Elliott and see if we both could get rid of our life long fear of heights.
I had tried addressing this fear in therapy years ago and got very little relief even though I ran out personal incidents from long ago. My life-long handling for this fear has been not to go to high places and look down.
Kathy’s handling for her fear was quite similar and included not driving close to the edge of roads on high cliffs.
Since Spiritual Rescue Technology processing allows us to dig much deeper and find the real reasons for fears, we decided to give ourselves a chance to get rid of our fear of heights.
In my case, my fear of heights came from an entity’s long ago incident of having been thrown from a high place by his father after he provoked his father into an insane rage by threatening to tell his mother about his marital infidelity. The entity had an unfortunate need to tell on people who did wrong.
When this session was over, I lost both my fear of heights and my unfortunate need to be a whistle blower, which had cost me several jobs this lifetime.
Kathy’s fear came from a more readily identifiable source, a young son of a moonshiner who drove a moonshine vehicle too fast and broke six jugs of shine on a delivery run. While he was driving home to a dreaded punishment from his brutal father, he drove off a mountain road and wrecked the car and killed himself. With the help of some entities, he decided to take the easy way out and get even with his father at the same time.
He was keeping Kathy safe from running off the road and would almost always keep her in the inside lane when driving on mountain roads.
If you have a fear of heights, you too can be free of them or from any other fear, simply by getting some SRT counseling to handle the sources of that fear.
David St Lawrence

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