Outside the Church of Scientology you may question everything

(Originally published by OldAuditor on February 16, 2010)

As a follow-up to my last post, I want to suggest that you should become more curious.

You have been operating for years on the basis that the Church of Scientology should control what you looked at or who you talked to. Even if you left the church because of out-tech or off-policy actions that harmed you,  you may find that you still recoil at the idea of reading “entheta” articles.

I am merely suggesting that you become curious. You do not want to overwhelm yourself with the  information that exists about harmful actions done by the church you supported for many years. Take it a bit at a time.

If you have had the usual experiences in Scientology, you will still have a sense of betrayal that your contributions and your hard work have been invalidated because you were not willing to sacrifice more to play the game demanded by church management. A little curiosity will give you some surprising answers.

If you are willing to read the stories posted on websites listed on this page, you will discover the hidden motives behind all of the cruelty that you experienced or observed. You will learn that none of those off-policy actions were accidental.

If you are like most newcomers to the world outside the church of Scientology, you will experience relief when you discover that you were not being handled standardly and that all of your suspicions were accurate.

You are entering a new community of independent beings and you may have to unlearn some patterns from your church days. No matter what contributions you made in the church or what posts you held, you are here on the same basis as the rest of us and your current rank amongst the independents is earned by what you contribute and how valuable that is to the individuals in the group. Some people have trouble remembering that.

If you find yourself being admonished for having some viewpoint about the tech or about Ron feel free to tell the offender to get lost.  Your observations are valid for you and as long as you do not enforce them on others, you will do fine.

People are free to adhere to whatever policies they were taught, but such policies were worthless in terms of keeping Scientology free from SPs so any reference to them as a source of authority on what is right or wrong will not do anyone credit. Quoting policies or Technical bulletins to clarify questions is a different matter entirely.

We are a growing community of independent beings and are free to observe and to comment on what we observe. Any effort to block that communication and control the conclusions made smacks of the suppressive actions of the church we departed from.

Any action made to keep people from asking questions about the tech and bad results from applying the tech is an effort to conceal the truth. You are free to comment favorably  or critically on the tech, but it helps if you stick to what you have experienced yourself.

You are also free to do research and ask questions about LRH, his personal life, his successes and his overts against scientology public and staff.

If you feel that there are areas so sacred that that they cannot be questioned, you are shutting yourself off from the fruits of observation.

If you feel there is some value in claiming to be a scientologist, whatever that is today, by all means do it. There are many others who call themselves ex-scientologists but are working to help others recover from their church experiences.

Those of us who have looked into the darker corners may call ourselves what we wish, but we have certainty on what we observed. We do not need labels to prove who we are or what we know.

There are true gems of wisdom to be found in Scientology, but they are often buried in false data and willful misapplication. If you feel otherwise, that is your choice. The more you look and observe what has happened to scientology public and staff, the more you will be inclined to help others escape from the abuse that dominates Scientology activities.

We are discovering the truth about scientology’s history in many different forums.Many of these are listed on the right sidebar. The questioning about scientology management and LRH has not run its course yet and we will all have a chance to accept or reject what comes out of these discussions.

You have a right to decide what is an acceptable truth for yourself. Others have an equal right to decide what is true for them. They may not be the same.

We no longer are bound by a code that enforces a particular “truth”. We are free to look and to comment, and to decide for ourselves.

In our searching and in our discussions, we try to follow the Second Rule for Happy Living: Create only those effects that others can experience easily. We may not always succeed, but are still trying.

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