face-636092_1280In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we commonly communicate with spiritual beings who have attached themselves to our clients, but we have rarely had the opportunity to contact recently departed spirits.

Contacting recently departed spirits is a useful skill, which is why mediums have continued to be in demand since time immemorial.

SRT counselors contact spiritual beings in the same way mediums do, with the difference that SRT counselors get the spirit to speak through their client’s mouths, so there is no question as to what is being said and who is saying it.

SRT counselors are expert at perceiving spiritual beings and communicating with them, so the essential element in contacting a recently departed spirit is to use someone who knew the being well and is willing to be a channel for the spirit to communicate through.

If the being wants to communicate, it can be very easy. If the being is still in distress, some SRT processing is in order and the person who is acting as the channel needs to be prepared to hear anything without interrupting or criticizing. Communicating with spirits takes caring communication, as any critical or hostile remarks will shut off spiritual communication.

Today, a client requested my help in contacting a recently departed friend and asked if I could make it possible for his grieving wife to talk to her departed husband.

Since I did not know the departed husband or any members of his family, I asked my client to be the link to his departed friend.

We will call his departed friend William, to keep his real identity private, and I asked my client to think of William so I could talk to him and handle any upset he might have over his untimely death. I wanted to make this a two step process as I expected William to have unresolved issues because of his manner of death and I wanted any issues to be resolved before he was put in contact with his grieving wife.

Once my client invoked William by thinking of him, I spent an hour communicating with William, who died 5 days after his wedding day. William was able to speak through my client and was very willing to have me help him.

After I helped him confront what had happened, William wanted to talk to his wife and apologize for his actions, so we arranged that my client would give William’s wife a session and get her in communication with William.

I got a message a few hours later that William and his wife had spoken and had handled any incomplete communication about his dying. William made sure that his wife knew that she was not responsible for anything that had happened.

According to a medium friend, the biggest problem is not getting in touch with the recently departed, it is dealing with the upsets and doubts of those who wish to communicate with the departed. Now that we have worked out a handling for the barriers to helping the recently departed, we expect to do much more of this in the future.

David St Lawrence

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