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Caring Communication – Part 1 Spiritual Rescue Technology processes were first documented, I assumed that caring communication would be a simple matter to achieve for anyone wishing to become a counselor. That is why I stressed that caring communication was necessary for communication with spiritual entities, but did not go into any great detail on how that ability was to be achieved.

In the beginning, those who were attracted to Spiritual Rescue Technology were able to run SRT sessions with no problems on being given instructions to treat spiritual entities as living beings and to use caring communication when freeing them from the incidents they were stuck in. What we did not realize at the time was these early adopters were highly motivated seekers of spiritual enlightenment and they had few obstacles to receiving communication from invisible beings.

As time went on, other people were attracted to the promise of results from SRT processes and these results-oriented newcomers often had no inkling of what spirits were capable of and very little curiosity as to how results were actually achieved. They were quite happy with the gains they experienced, but they sometimes wondered if it was all real. They were not usually able to run solo SRT sessions either.

We also had people coming in who had years of experience with other spiritual practices and they would have the viewpoint that case phenomena like feelings, fixations, and compulsions were manifestations of ones mind and would take whatever form was necessary to be run by a practitioner. In essence, they would run spiritual entity incidents as imaginary incidents and would get relief without understanding what was going on.

Upon reviewing these situations, one common factor emerged: these individuals for whom entities were not real had no idea of what caring communication was either!

Time after time in session, we would end up handling client problems like lack of business, failure to close clients, customers who were unhappy with results and asking for refunds, etc. and the client would have no idea that they were treating customers or clients in an unfriendly manner! Their attitude toward these people was suspicious or unfriendly from the very beginning.

They could not be corrected into using caring communication with the people who were their lifeblood! They were unable in most cases, to look at potential customers as potential friends! They would continually think of prospects as sources of trouble! We would handle the entities who were instrumental in cutting client communications with their customers but the client would be back with the same problem in the following weeks. We were not getting down to the basic problem because we would make a little progress one week only to have the client lose ground each week.

Once we discovered the absence of caring communication in these people, I started looking at intern behavior and discovered that we all would use caring communication in session but not necessarily in real life. This had an unfortunate effect!

Entities inject comments into almost everyone’s speech and these comments will go undetected if the persons speech does not consist of caring communication! When a disturbed entity adds a comment to your conversation, it will definitely be a damaging communication.

If you are in the habit of whining about life to all and sundry, it will be hard to separate your whining from the entity’s whining, Since some people grumble about life on a regular basis, they will have no reality on the fact that an entity is the source of their unhappiness. In fact, when you ask them, in session, where is that feeling coming from, they will often reply, “That’s my feeling!”

When a person consciously maintains caring communication, an entity’s intrusion is immediately apparent! We are running some tests now to see what effect caring communication will have when someone consciously maintains caring communication at all times.

Our preliminary results seem to indicate that it gives the person who maintains caring communication power over his own entities, and the entities of others!

We will be holding several webinars to examine this phenomena and to determine where training on caring communication will fit in our expanded training setup.

Caring Communication – Part 2

What Is Caring Communication?

Caring Communication is the exchange of information between living beings with the intent to help the other being achieve a higher state of existence.

At the present time, Caring Communication appears to be a consciously exercised ability.

(I am using the qualifying phrase “appears to be” because we are still investigating the dimensions of this ability as of May 12, 2016 and it appears to have much greater impact than we first expected.)

Caring Communication embraces a host of actions commonly associated with communication in general, such as attention, intention, and the intent to cause understanding in the other party, but Caring Communication includes the factor of responsibility for the other person or group being addressed.

One definition of ordinary communication that has been widely used is: Communication is the consideration and action of impelling an impulse or particle from source-point across a distance to receipt-point, with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt-point a duplication and understanding of that which emanated from the source-point.

That definition of ordinary communication includes harmful as well as beneficial interaction between the parties involved.

When we examine the definition of Caring Communication, it becomes apparent that we are entering an entirely different range of activity.

Caring Communication is the exchange of information between living beings with the intent to help the other being achieve a higher state of existence.

When this is achieved, and it has often been achieved in SRT sessions, incredible changes occur in the lives of the beings involved in a very short time.

What was not evident at first was that counselors and clients alike would achieve caring communication in these sessions and would not think to continue this activity in real life.

We did not realize at first that Caring communication changes the lives of ALL parties involved!

In an SRT session this includes the client, the counselors and the spiritual entities participating in the session . Permanent changes would occur in the lives of all concerned. Almost all participants achieved a higher state of awareness and increased ability with each session completed.

These changes in awareness showed up as increased psychic ability on the part of counselors and in some clients as well. It became evident in each internship webinar that interns who were delivering sessions exhibited continually increasing ability to know what other people were thinking and intending. We even coined a term for this ability, the ability to “look and know”. It showed up in sessions where the counselor would know what the client and his entities were experiencing before the client would even voice what the problem was.

What also became apparent was that we in the internship could instantly spot whether the client or his entities were originating a communication. We also became aware that entities were adding gratuitous comments to our own communication activities!

If we didn’t maintain caring communication in session or in daily life, we were allowing entities to interject their opinions and ideas into every conversation. Any upset entity could therefore inject bias and discord into a conversation when the person himself did not intend that to be so.

What we have discovered so far is that maintaining caring communication allows us to spot any effort on the part of our entities or anyone else’s entities to contribute to the communication.

We are still discovering what caring communication can do but we already have some indication that it is consciously exercised and the limits are determined by the individual practicing the conscious communication. One masters caring communication in an area and then through conscious effort can extend this ability to greater areas of life.

This expansion will be covered in a later chapter….

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  1. Kathy

    BRILLIANT!!! You have written about this so well. I’ve been consciously applying caring communication to daily life and it’s had some very interesting and positive results.

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