Another Undercut for Standard SRT Processing

One of my gifted students has embraced SRT and has gone on to devise methods to bring the benefits of SRT to people who seek help from her but who bring other spiritual practices and other gods with them.
She has looked closely at different forms of meditation and has adopted variations of the TRs (training routines) used in Scientology and elsewhere with great success. She is using her knowledge of entities to give her students real gains in calming entities and gaining a knowledge of themselves as spiritual beings.
She is keeping the parts of the Scn tech that matter and is ignoring the out of ARC parts.

She gets her people to do TRs for several hours and there is no flunking, only gentle coaching to persist until the reactions turn off. She tells them they are to learn different meditation techniques with increasing levels of difficulty. Right now her students are still meditating with eyes closed (OT TR0)

Her students go through the usual torments, including dope off, restlessness, itching and fidgeting until at last peace arrives. She is doing a humane version of hard TRs and the results are what we have always experienced from hard TRs, certainty of self.

In the process of allowing the entities to go through boredom and restlessness to calm acceptance, the person doing the exercises learns to recognize entity behavior and begins to become cause over their actions.

My student keeps these raw public students at their OT TR0 for four hours at a time with a break for lunch and she reports real gains from most of her students. Occasionally, she has a student say they were not entertained, but my student merely says, “You are not here to be entertained. You are here to become more able.”

She is gradiently training her students to control their entities without using any SRT commands or higher level processes. Once they can control their entities and can distinguish themselves from their entities, she will introduce them to SRT. In the meantime, she will be running them on TRs 0 through TR8 and they will get wonderful gains at a rate they can handle.

When she launches her website, I will be posting links so you can visit and see what else she is doing.

In the meantime, I will be adding sections to my next book so the rest of you can make use of what she has learned.


2 thoughts on “Another Undercut for Standard SRT Processing

  1. Paul

    Hello David. I hope all is well on your end and thank you so much for putting up this web page …and thank you for SRT. I’m just discovering it and so I have a lot of looking around to get through. In the mean time, the course you mention here makes a lot of sense – drilling OT TR-0 through TR-8 prior to SRT. That’s perfect! Can you maybe point me in the direction of that course room?

  2. David St Lawrence Post author

    Paul, we have not expanded enough to provide course rooms for drilling undercuts to SRT. Look up a local independent Scientology group and I am sure they will be happy to have you get this training.

    We have found that it is possible to get ready for entity communication by reading up on caring communication and them doing OT TR0 as a solo activity. As you sit there and wait for the thoughts to clear out, you will quickly realize that your friendly entities are already trying to get your attention.

    Get a piece of paper and ask, “What would you like to share with me?” Write down the thoughts that will immediately come to mind. You will probably end up with several pages worth of comments from entities and then it will stop and you will feel a sense of release. Once they see that you are writing down what they are saying to you telepathically, they get quite eager to share their thoughts with you.

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