SRT – the spiritual technology with pinpoint accuracy of us have encountered spiritual practices which address our problems in life with a broad brush treatment or, to put it more accurately, a shotgun approach. They need to do this because these practices do not address the individual entities responsible and try to handle whole facets of the person’s “case” with processing.

These other practices DO address the problem areas but they almost always take multiple sessions to reduce the problem to a manageable level. This takes much more session time and lots more money.

The incredible advantage of Spiritual Rescue Technology is that it addresses the specific entity or entities who are causing someone a problem. The entity or entities are always handled in a single session and that exact problem vanishes. Forever.

All one has to do is name the problem or feeling exactly and then spot where it is located

The problem may seem to be general but it is usually triggered by specific activities on the part of the person so afflicted.

The problem may be a feeling, like, “I am not worthy of this!” or a clearly expressed thought like, “I can’t have nice things!”. There may be similar thoughts or feelings that occur, but you pick the one that is most troubling to handle.

They may even have stuck attention on a family member or on someone who irritated them in a Facebook discussion and will continue ranting or complaining about this.

This is where the practitioner’s skill counts most. You should take as long as it takes for the person to zero in on what is bothering them most. As they get closer to spotting the area of greatest charge, you will hear them say certain phrases over and over.

Here are some typical phrases: She treats me like the enemy! I can’t have nice things! They are all against me!

Once you get this close, you can ask the client to spot where that thought is coming from and he will respond almost instantly with a location.

If you apply SRT procedure standardly, it will only take a short time before the being is unstuck from the incident he is stuck in and will be discussing what he wants to do with his life from here on out.

While this is going on, the client will be having realizations on how this being has affected him for this lifetime and possibly many others and will be getting a great deal of relief.

When the being has left, the practitioner might want to check with the client if there is anything more to handle if the client seems to have any attention on the session at all.

Usually the client will have great certainty that the source of this problem or thought has been handled and will want to get on with life.

When you run the session this way, you get one problem to handle and it is done in one session.

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