Why Listing and Nulling and Date/Locate have no place in Spiritual Rescue Technology

This is primarily for those of you who are auditor trained, but most of you SRT students can figure this out from what you observe in session.

mixed-signals-sanglucciI was reviewing the NOTs material written by L Ron Hubbard tonight and I was struck by the number of standard actions on NOTS that can easily produce wrong items.

When you ask a “Who are You?” question or “What are you? question, the entity has to search through a jillion past identities to come up with an answer, especially since the question is repeated until the auditor gets a long fall blowdown on the meter that indicates the answer is the “right” answer. Hubbard felt that the only correct answer is “me” which invalidates all of the entities who know they are a wildflower or an omnipotent and punishing GOD.

Dating and Locating a past incident was very important to Hubbard and he spends a lot of time telling how it should be done. There are an infinite number of ways this can be screwed up and it is completely UNNECESSARY when handling entities.

All that is required is that the entity can spot that the incident occurred and be prepared to discuss it. An answer of, “a long time ago” is perfectly valid and if you are using a meter you will see the needle blow down. Getting the exact date and location is a useless exercise and runs the risk of restimulating entities who are not even involved in this action.

I feel this stems from Hubbard’s desire to keep control of the entities rather than letting them answer questions and cognite. Almost any effort by a practitioner to tell a client what he should say will result in wrong items, and doing it to entities is a good way of messing up your OT case, as Hubbard himself describes in the following HCOB where he describes Listing and Nulling (L & N) errors:

(Refer to HCOB 19 Nov 79)

The reason why a wrong item (L & N error) produces such a violent reaction is because it can key-in practically every BT in the body.

They’re all sitting on a wrong item already – what they are being – and if you find a wrong item on an L & N list, it can give them all another wrong item on top of the wrong item each is being.

The L & N error is a wrong item for a very large number of BTs, hence the very heavy and violent reaction.

L. Ron Hubbard

In SRT processing, we keep up a conversation with the entities we contact and we ask them questions they can answer easily and will help them wake up and gradually realize who they are and where they are. We do not ask them their name until we have gotten their agreement to communicate and we do it as tactfully as possible.

We do not doubt the truth of their answers in any way. If we ask questions, it is to get the rest of the data so they can discover for themselves what actually happened.

The first questions might relate to what they are doing and how long they have been here with the client, but it depends on their willingness to communicate.

Asking politely how they lost their last body will bring about a heightened awareness that they are no longer in Kansas or fighting the Saracens in the Crusades. It will also open the door to them describing what happened and you can easily guide them into discovering what action of theirs led to their demise as a being with a body.

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2 thoughts on “Why Listing and Nulling and Date/Locate have no place in Spiritual Rescue Technology

  1. rogers

    i have audited NOts on a pre-OT, and the questions what, who, never have made a wrong item.
    on NOTs Ron says D/L is something we have to be careful, and it is rarely used indeed, only when we met a cumulative cluster.
    A good auditeur, in communication with his pre-OT or in solo, has no troubles with these points from my viewpoint and experience.

    Best regards

  2. David St Lawrence Post author

    Rogers, You are a good auditor if you have never made a wrong item on NOTs.

    You must not have read NED for OTs Series 47 which discusses how the what, who questions can create wrong items.
    You have also not read the NOTs material thoroughly if you feel that Ron said D/L is rarely used and only on cumulative clusters.

    Here is a quote from the NOTs materials:

    NED for OTs Series 6
    Per the OT III materials, you can run Grades 0-IV on a BT, but it has to be addressed
    to that BT, and it rolls rather fast – may only take 4 – 5 minutes.
    You can Date/Locate clusters and run Inc. II, Inc Is.
    You can Date/Locate clusters and blow them off, but the auditor who does this has
    got to be a shark at D/Ling. It’s the moment the cluster was formed that you date, not when the cluster hits the individual.
    And Date/Locate is not always recommended on NED for OTs.

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