Workable Technology Expands Faster Than Expected has happened is that the pace of events has picked up faster than I expected and my attention is spread over a much wider area and my old favorites like this Old Auditors Notebook lag behind in keeping up with results.

Spiritual Rescue Technology is keeping me in session 26 times a week and the introduction of a more structured form of SRT which we are calling Extended SRT is creating effects far beyond my expectations.

SRT can be thought of Life Repair for people with OT abilities as it consists of actions tailored to the needs of the individual receiving counseling. Like the original Life Repair processes that were used in the COS up to the mid 1980s, which produced gains that changed people’s lives, SRT produces huge changes in ability and can be run almost indefinitely as needed.

There is one thing that seems to happen with many people and that is that they handle their entities so well that things become very quiet and they do not have a compelling reason to go in session very often. There is nothing wrong with this state, but there are thousands of entities who have not been contacted and handled because they do not seem to intrude on one’s life.

I had some clients request a more structured approach to running SRT and they requested that I run parts of the Bridge SRT style. We did so and it confirmed what we have long suspected and that is what people have been running on the Scientology Bridge are entities, even on lower Bridge processes.

Running Scientology processes SRT style is documented on the and it is essentially high ARC standard processes with the addition that anything that reads and does not indicate to the client is checked for entity or cluster ownership. About 90 percent of the reads are generated by entities and they are handled with regular SRT processing.

The abilities gained from Extended SRT processing have been spectacular and have been quite different from regular SRT gains because they relate to areas of life that do not get addressed in regular SRT sessions.

I am currently delivering Grades Processes and Ls processes at the same rates as regular SRT. You can learn more about this at:

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