Those Emotions You Feel Are Real, But They Aren’t Necessarily Yours day I hear people sharing their emotions about people, places and things that are affecting them in life. Most of the time these people are trying to suppress these feelings as being unworthy of them or being a sign of weakness or fear.

They correctly see these feeling as an indicator of a bad attitude or a weakness they wish to overcome and many spend hours in self-help activities to drive these negative attitudes and emotions away so they can function normally as they see others doing.

Through determined effort, many people learn to suppress these feelings so they can deal with bosses, difficult neighbors and family members without shrieking at the top of their lungs and throwing things. The person learns to suppress their normal reactions to annoying events and people and spends their life as a rigidly controlled and generally grim personality. However, there will inevitably be the boss or family member who goes too far and the person explodes and regrets it later.

All of this stoic self control is unnecessary if you understand the basis of Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT).

“Unless you are totally in present time and enthusiastic, your behavior and your attitudes are being shaped by the spiritual entities who surround you constantly 24/7.

Spiritual entities are constantly being restimulated by your experiences and their engrams cause them to experience emotions, attitudes, sensations and pains

This misownership of emotions, etc. is constant for many people and is considered to be perfectly natural. Your attitudes have been shaped by these beings for so long that you don’t even wonder why you are afraid to talk to certain people, or to speak in public, or to say hello to an attractive person you would like to know. You don’t even realize that the revulsion you feel at someone who looks different or whose body shape grosses you out is not your emotion. These negative feelings have been such an integral part of your life from birth that they seem perfectly natural.

These feelings prevent you from feeling affinity for anyone or anything that falls outside of a narrow range of “acceptable” people, places or things. Your entities are constantly steering you toward people, music, clothing and behavior that makes them feel “safe or comfortable”. As a result, your emotions zip up and down constantly as your entities are exposed to  stimuli  in your environment.

It can be almost impossible to break out of your current life pattern and do new things until you recognize that the negative emotions are not yours and can be easily handled when you handle spiritual entities with Spiritual Rescue Technology. These beings are trying to prevent you from doing the actions that trigger THEIR engrams and this is quickly handled when you help them deal with their engrams and bring them to present time.

If there is anything in your life that you are not able to view with enthusiasm, I suggest you have a chat with your entities and introduce them to Spiritual Rescue Technology.

We are not yet to the point where we have operators standing by for your calls, but you can talk to anyone who has experienced SRT and they will be glad to fill you in on the possibilities for changing your life.

David St Lawrence

2 thoughts on “Those Emotions You Feel Are Real, But They Aren’t Necessarily Yours

  1. steve

    very good article. I very much like the way you describe the key issues affecting human behavior. It communicates to all levels with reality.

  2. Joshua

    I swear I experienced wins just reading the article! I can’t wait to read more articles and find out how I can start processing!

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