Simple Illustration of how entities and people with bodies interact

I have written thousands of words describing what we have discovered in Spiritual Rescue Technology. Its now time for the graphic novel treatment to make some of the interactions between people with bodies and entities more easily understood.

Regardless whether you believe in spirits or not, you are continually affected by the spiritual beings in your space because your actions are constantly stirring up painful memories for many of these spiritual entities. They are not just attached to you, these spiritual entities are everywhere and many people are able to sense their presence and even communicate with them.

I have created an illustration to show some of the interactions that occur between people with bodies, recently dead people with entities and several other combinations. This will be the first page of many in our graphic Introduction to Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) which will first appear on where most of the discussion about Spiritual Rescue Technology takes place between people studying and using SRT.

I will do an expanded explanation in the next comment but I want to show you how entities hang around people and shift from one person to another even if both people are alive.

The first example shows Mark in session with Bill who thinks he has some of Alice’s entities in his space. He gets Bill to identify the entity from Alice and Bill handles the entity and frees it from what it is stuck in. In other situations, Mark can get Bill to help Alice who dos not believe in entities. Mark directs Bill to find the entity or entities in Alice’s space that are making her cranky and Bill helps the entity to go free and stop making Alice cranky.

The second example shows Jeffrey who is utterly overwhelmed and who is not sure who he is. He cannot focus his attention on anything without help because the entities and the clusters and his uncle Dead Albert and his clusters are all trying to get Jeffrey’s attention. Jeffrey is dispersed and fearful and will not get relief until he hooks up with Mark or one of the growing number of SRT students.

The friendly guy at the cash register is just doing his job and he will be fine until some of his entities go into restimulation and ruin his day.

Everyone has a crowd of entities hanging around them and there is no end to the number of entities you will encounter. Efforts to get rid of entities on the Scientology OT Levels are useless as everyone picks up more entities with every new person they interact with.  Ron Hubbard was still trying to get rid of his entities the week he died. He never realized that spiritual entities are an incredible resource rather than a threat.

If he had Googled “Spirit Guides”, he would have discovered what millions of non-scientologists already know. Spiritual beings are basically good and helpful and if you know how to handle their engrams, you can rescue them from painful incidents and they will stick around and help you in many ways. It is like having many additional attention units to help[ you with your daily life.

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