Yes, Dear Students, Gremlins are Real

I encountered a gremlin today and have gained a new respect for these angry creatures. This one was accompanied by an angry electrical field and was determined to protect my wife from the videos she was watching on Roku.

She has not bothered my wife when she reads on her Kindle, but emotional movies on Roku really disturb her. I have not taken her in session yet, but got her to calm down while I got the Roku system working again.

Gremlins really came into the spotlight in World War II when the number of sophisticated electrical and electronic devices multiplied a thousandfold. There were so many unexplained failures observed that someone assigned a name to the source of the failures.

I have seen a similar effect in design labs where some analog designs just would not work until someone with great intention would make one work and after that there would be no trouble.

If you look at the origin of this name, you will see that it is derived from a word meaning anger. It is an apt definition as I was able to detect this being by the angry field it produced.

1. a mischievous invisible being, said by airplane pilots in World War II to cause engine trouble and mechanical difficulties.
2. any cause of trouble, difficulties, etc., especially in a mechanical, electrical, or other system:

Of unknown origin. Speculations in Barnhart are a possible dialectal survival of Old English gremman “to anger, vex” + the -lin of goblin ; or Irish gruaimin “bad-tempered little fellow.”

Gremlins, of course, are just spiritual beings who have the ability to influence electrical systems. They respond to SRT processing like any other spiritual being.

When I get the chance to chat with this particular gremlin, I will share her story.


(This was developed for my personal use only. I am sharing it with you to give you some ideas that you might want to use. This was the subject of today’s webinar)

All spirits can be assigned a spiritual rank that identifies their ability, responsibilities, allowed assignments, and suggested use. Five useful ranks have been identified so far. Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Omegas with Alpha being the highest rank.

Spiritual Ranking can be changed by Spiritual Rescue Technology processing and by publicly announced realization and demonstration of change in ability. Beings promoted in rank through processing or demonstration of ability get provisional rank until proven worthy through active service.

Spiritual rank can be canceled or changed if the being cannot demonstrate ability to stay in present time and perform their duties satisfactorily.

At the present time all rank assignments and changes are approved by me.

Suggested use/function:
Allowed assignments:

Alphas: Named Spiritual Partners
Betas: Unnamed Spiritual Teammates
Gammas: Unnamed Spiritual Companions
Deltas: Targets for spiritual processing or healing activity
Omegas: Spiritual Threats


Category: Named Spiritual Teammate
Suggested use/function: Command, direct action, direct intervention and combat.
Ability: They operate fully in present time and can take over the body when necessary
with no interruption of on purpose activity.
Responsibilities: They report directly to me and act to forward my intention. They act as direct extensions of my will.
They are the only beings communicating directly to me.
They are responsible for my security and my effectiveness
They are responsible for keeping themselves in alignment with the overall purpose of the Spirit Team and for detecting and handling of any misalignment of purpose throughout the Spirit Team
Allowed assignments: All management position and all posts as needed.

Category: Unnamed Spiritual Teammate
Suggested use/function: non-confrontational tasks, no high risk/ high speed activities
Ability: They operate mostly in present time but may not have all buttons flattened
Responsibilities: They report to Alphas and carry out their intentions
Allowed Assignments: Documentation, Facilities, Finance, Personal
Enhancement, Leisure and Recreation

Category: Unnamed Spiritual Companion of Untested Ability
Suggested use/function: These are the beings who have responded to SRT counseling questions and decided to stay with me.
Ability: They may not operate fully in present time but they are aware of me and have decided to stay and help.
Responsibilities: Participate to the best of their abilities
Allowed assignments: Messengers, Observers, Data Gatherers, Remote perceptions, and Attention units to support real-time activities.

Category: Non-operational spirits who are observing or unconscious
Suggested use/function: These are targets for SRT processing
Ability: Unknown, They can be perceived as a living presence, an unconscious mass, or as a pressure, sensation or pain
Responsibilities: None
Allowed assignments: None

Category: Spiritual Threat – any being or group with hostile intentions towards SRT or spirits
Suggested use/function: Targets for SRT Counseling
Ability: Destructive Only – not in present time
Responsibilities: None
Allowed assignments: None