Some Of The Problems We Handle by Talking To Spirits

This is a short list of the kinds of problems
we solve daily with Spiritual Rescue Technology:

Unable to look for work
Lifelong feeling of inferiority
Unable to handle money
Fear of meeting new people
Compulsively saying/doing things you regret
Fear of the opposite sex
Being a victim
Being skeptical
Fear of talking to new people
Unable to study certain subjects
Troubled by degraded thoughts
Unable to create
Unexpected personality shifts
Skin feels like it is burning
Body problems not responding to treatment
Allergic Reactions
Voices in your head
Inconsolable grief
and many, many more…

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A Matter of Viewpoints



One of my clients has been trying to get his wits around the fundamental idea of living with spiritual entities and he managed to get it all together with one short statement.

He said, “I am discovering that I am surrounded by many different viewpoints. I can adopt any one of them if I choose, but they can also take over on their own!”

Every entity can have a unique viewpoint on life and how to live it. Some face life fearfully, others face life angrily and others with compassion and kindness. As you interact with your family and the world at large, different viewpoints come into play.

Some spring into view automatically, you invoke others through an exercise of will. You smile back when a familiar face smiles at you and you bristle when someone invades your space and makes demeaning remarks. If you are trained in SRT, you can be an objective  observer and watch as these viewpoints appear and subside as you go through your day.

Once you realize that some of these viewpoints are not yours, you can enhance the ones that forward your current purposes and handle the viewpoints that hinder you in achieving your objectives.

Life gets to be a lot more interesting when you learn that you can have more control over your viewpoints through Spiritual Rescue Technology.

David St Lawrence